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Review: June 28, 2006, reviewer Gabrio
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How about a nasty amateur chick with gorgeous looks that loves to show off her FINE gifts in front of the camera? Annie Berry looks really gorgeous if you ask me and as far as I can see in the tour of her site, we are going to find lots of steamy material in the members area, so what are you waiting for now? Start dreaming about this horny teen by checking out the full review below, see you there!

When you login to the members area of Annie Berry you reach the main page of Pornstar Network which is the main site it belongs to, on this page you have really lots of stuff like bookmarks, personal messages, live shows, you can view your account, contact support and LOTS more so make sure you carefully check out this page if I can give you a suggestion. At the left of the page you have several links for browsing all the niches that are included with the membership and you have all the main ones that are hot today, when it comes to the center of the page, you see a link for going in Annie Berry's main page and then there are several other links for all the Latest Updates and for the top 12 Porn stars that you can find in their sites, I strongly recommend you to check out Lanny Barbie since in my opinion she's one of the top chicks out today.

I clicked the link for going to Annie Berry's main page and within a few instants I got her main page in front of me. At the top of the page, under the header you have: Home, Videos, Pictures, Diary, Bonus Sites and Friends. Then there is a big image of Annie and at the left of the page you have several boxes where you have her Latest Videos and Latest Pictures as well. At the right of the page you have her latest diaries and then there is also a survey which you can take, eventually.

I checked out her photo sets and it's really easy to find what is hotter since each photo set has a nice and big preview screen shot which is directly linked to the gallery you have chosen, plus there is also a slide show feature available for each set. The full sized images are looking good and I can see that she is having lots of fun!

When it comes to her videos, you have for each scene low speed videos and high speed videos, there are overall 2 pages and the quality was pretty high as well.


Annie is a great girl in my opinion and I think that when it comes to her material, you are going to be satisfied with her stuff, and of course you have to keep in mind that with your Annie Berry membership you are also receiving lots of goodies and if I can give you a suggestion, keep an eye on the porn star content since they are really hot!
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