Review: May 2, 2011, reviewer Steve
Christy Marks is a renowned and popular naturally busty babe and this is her official website, delivered to you by those lovely people at Score! She is only petite so she is carrying quite the burden and weight with those amazing 36HH breasts, but despite that she is more than happy to show them off to you as often as possible - and that's not all! She isn't shy when faced by a hard cock or a wet pussy....

This is a very well presented site. The 'About Me' page tells you plenty about Christy and how she became a model, whilst the high level of information is also visible on her videos and galleries, both of which receive lengthy descriptions. There is also an excellent and informative interview page with her. The 'Coming Soon' page only previews one update, so perhaps this could be a little fuller with its options, but all galleries and videos are dated so you can tell what was added and when. They could easily dump the 'Extras' section though - there are only two videos in it!

The video options you get on here are fantastic. Not only do you get full length and short clip PC downloads and streams in Flash, .WMV and .MP4 formats (with HD downloads available at 1280x720px but with numerous smaller sizes), but you also get several mobile download options too. In a great move, you can buy a subscription just to the mobile versions if you want. Great idea! All of the galleries are available in medium and high quality ZIP downloads to match the medium and high quality photo sizes that you get. The higher quality photos are usually sized at 797x1200px. There are currently 58 videos and 80 photo galleries on the site, with a new set of each added every week.

I think there is a pretty compelling argument to suggest that busty babes don't come much lovelier than Christy Marks. Beautiful, natural, approachable and with the ability to change her look and flt between softcore and hardcore with no problem at all, she is also very talented when it comes to naughty content. Christy is a site that really is complementing her talents and looks perfectly too as well presented as it is, but her content stands up to close scrutiny as well.

An exceptional threesome with another divine busty babe, Cassandra Calogera, proves her hardcore qualities. A gallery where she poses as a Grecian goddess proves her general natural beauty. It's fair to say that I am a big fan of hers and I am really impressed that her official site lives up to her qualities and that it continues to improve as well.


Christy is a site that, ideally, you would like to see more on - but even then the content count is far from being small. It's just the only criticism I could think of about it! These guys really know how to make Christy look even better than she already is, she puts in a range of gorgeous displays and performances, and the general presentation (including the exceptional range of video options) is outstanding. Good job!
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