Mountain Fuck Fest Review 7.5

Review: August 17, 2012, reviewer ruben
Mountain Fuck Fest is all about nasty Euro couples getting crazy in log cabins in the middle of nowhere. These couples fuck indoors and out and seem to have a great time doing what they enjoy the most. This site will appeal to fans of hardcore group action. Be aware that the action that you will see looks like it was shot in the 80's. I suppose fans of retro porn might also enjoy this.

Mountain Fuck is a crazy site that you will have to see to believe. I just watched a man with a goofy hat and a classic porn mustache shave the pussy of a hot blonde babe that was standing above him in a cabin. Another couple was alo in the room fucking the hell out of one another while the shaving took place. I think the strangest part of all this is what the models are wearing. They all look like they have spent their entire lives lost in the Swiss Alps. The other strange part of this action is that the action is all set to polka music.

Fans of hardcore porn will like what is taking place here. There is plenty of hardcore action taking place and nothing seems too tabu for our mountain climbers. These mountain men and women are cool with fucking indoors and out and that makes for a nice mix of content. I'll admit that watching a slut getting fucked hard while bent over a big ass log is pretty hot. You will have the chance to see plenty of oral play, hours of straight sex and even some erotic lesbian play.

Most of the models that you see look great even if the videos and photos look aged. There is always something hot about Euro babes that cannot be denied. The fuck models on this site have amazing bodies and they could all be sisters. What I mean is that they have similar builds complete with giant bouncy tits, thick firm asses and tender pink pussies that they keep trimmed and ready to go. You can tell right away that these ladies know the porn game well and that experience is something that they do not lack. It is almost sad to see them fucking these crazy looking guys with average cocks and ridiculous facial hair. They should have called me. I'd climb a pink mountain!

Amount of content: 45 videos and 41 photo galleries
Update frequency: Several per month
Exclusive content: Yes
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1200X787px
Avaliable for mobile: No


I have been camping a million times but sadly, I have never enjoyed a MountainFuckFest. I would not mind getting lost in the woods with a hot European babe that just happens to be totally fucking horny. This crazy site is all about fantasy. If you happen to need even more kink to get your blood pumping, you will be happy to see the long list of included bonus sites. Have fun exploring the mountains!
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