3D Shemales Review

Review: July 29, 2010, by Jennifer
3D Shemales

They use state of the art technology to render some of the hottest shemale babes inside of 3D Shemales. They've got beautiful faces, lean bodies, huge tits, and big cocks! You can see these ladyboys in all sorts of hardcore action, fetish, solo masturbation and other sexy fun. These virtual trannys can do things that no real tranny possibly could, they are only limited by the perverted minds of their animators.


Overall rating8.8

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It's fun to see all of the different kinds of trannys inside of 3DShemales.com. On the main page they have shamales with tattoos, pregnant shemales, shemales with giant tits and tons more. They have all of their recent photos and recent animations on the main page. All of these animations are exclusive to this site and they're very professionally 3D rendered by some of the most talented artists.

Once you go in to check out their animations, they have less than 20 updates currently, but it appears that they're still updating the site. All of the videos are downloadable but there is no streaming offered. They're in WMV files and they're very small in file size that even someone on a 56K modem could download them easily. These animations are looping for an endless animation so you can see the hot action happening over and over. These tgirls look so real, it's hard to belive sometimes that they're just animations!

There are plenty more pictures than there are animations. They literally have probably nearly 100 galleries to check out. They have all sorts of babes including futanari chicks and shemales with the biggest cocks you've ever seen. Each gallery has about 20 pictures of each tgirl and you can view the pictures one at a time or they have a zip file for download.

When you sign up for a membership at this site, you also get access to three other hot 3D and cartoon sites. So you'll have tons of hot content to check out for many weeks. They also include some friends galleries which are both 3D and hand drawn photo sets of chicks that aren't exclusive to this site. The only other bonus on the site is that they have a link to live shemales and you can talk with these beautiful trannys from all around the world live via webcam. Even if you don't have you own webcam, you can see them and chat with them.

The site has a lot of nice content which is very professional and high quality 3D renderings. They're still updating it which is very nice and they've got a nice variety of different shemales in different situations.


The hot 3D tranny babes inside of 3DShemales are really high quality and have so much detail to them. You can only imagine the time it must take to get every little detail down perfect plus the background scenes as well. They've got less than 20 animations, but they have hundreds of sets of hot exclusive pics of their tgirls. Plus they have other bonus friends galleries and live cams where you can talk to real shemales on webcam.

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