Aigis Review

Review: July 13, 2017, by Neil

Aigis is a tower defense video game set in the magical medieval times where you will have to defeat the Demon King by strategically placing your units in order to defend a certain place from the attack of his evil armies. With its anime/hentai characters and deep roots in the Japanese turn-based RPGs, this game is actually a lot of fun and it is completely free to play. The only thing you have to do is get a Nutaku account (which is also free)


Overall rating8

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aigis starts you off with a backstory, just like every other RPG video game would do. In it, you find out about this Millenium War that happened and how the Goddess Aigis defeated the Demon King together with the Nameless Hero. After this intro cutscene, you will be thrown straight into battle. The goddess' powers have started fading and the Demon King's armies are trying to get to her sacred temple. This is your first encounter with this video game's gameplay.

As it turns out, this gameplay is pretty straightforward. You use your unit points in order to place the units on a certain spot on the battlefield. Each unit has a specific spot where you can place it. You need to use strategy in order to prevent the enemies breaching your lines of defense. As the time progresses, your unit points will replenish themselves automatically. Enemy units will clash with your units and once their Hit Points reach zero they will be destroyed. The same goes for your units. Once you have survived all of the waves, the level will end.

Besides this, you can do numerous other things in this video game. For example, you can give offerings to the goddess and she will gain her powers in return. These offerings can be made in the form of gold (which you can purchase on Nutaku - the lowest package is $10 USD for 1000 gold).

With its intriguing story, its excellent gameplay, gorgeous visuals, as well as numerous things for you to do in it, not to mention its intriguing story, this video game is actually quite fun. You will be hooked in a matter of seconds (if you are into this sort of thing, naturally) and you will try to go through the levels as fast as you can in order to find out how the story progresses.

Amount of content: Full tower defense video game
Update frequency: Unknown
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: N/A
Video types: N/A
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Available for mobile: No


Aigis (or Millennium War Aigis as it is also known) is actually quite fun tower defense browser video game. Its magical medieval setting, interesting story, tight gameplay, as well as numerous options when it comes to units will certainly satisfy both the hardcore and casual gamers. Unfortunately, there aren't any extras that come with this video game, but since it is completely free to play, I would say that extras are not needed at all. If you are into tactical video games, do check this one out.

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