Amateur Violations Review

Review: June 5, 2013
Amateur Violations

Even though this site is called Amateur Violations, it should probably be called Pro Violations. It looks kind of like it's high end amateur in the way it's shot, but every single girl featured on this site is a known professional porn star. That said, there's some interesting and compelling content in this offering from the guys at the Porn Pros network of sites. I think if they can tweak a few things here and there, this will eventually end up being a winner.


Overall rating6.8

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I was pretty amped up to review when I first saw that it was in the queue for reviewing. The splash page has some cool looking screenshots, all with overtures of amateurism and a slightly extreme vibe. It looks like it has some shock-porn themes, and a sort "on the edge" aspect that I was looking forward to checking out.

It delivers on those things, but not nearly to the degree that I was expecting.

First up; when you log in, things immediately look confusing, but in kind of a good way. This site is part of the Porn Pros network. When you log in, you're not taken right to Amateur Violations, but instead dumped right in to Porn Pros. That's actually a good thing, as it's chock full of content, and is the strongest aspect of membership here.

Once you've figured out that you're in Porn Pros, things get easier to navigate. Content is searchable and sortable in multiple ways. Lazy website users (like myself) will have lots of ways to find their way to the good stuff.

As for the actual content in Amateur Violations, once I made my way to there, what you've got is a collection of 48 videos...sort of. Many of them are continuations of a previous segment. I'm not a fan of this. It's like you're really getting 25-30 videos, just broken into segments.

The content is good, even if it's inaccurately advertised. The hardcore action is hot. It's shot in what looks like an amateur fashion; the talent is sweet; and it appears genuine. No complaints there.

Technically, it's also very good. Videos stream and download quickly in multiple formats, and resolution on them is great at 1920x1080. Pictures are also presented in high def, and all of this with great production values.

But there's just a little something that doesn't sit with me here...maybe it's the amount of content, or maybe I'm not just seeing what I thought I'd see.

Amount of content: 48 videos
Update frequency: 2x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px
Video types: flash, wmv, mp4, mpg
Photo resolution: 1500x1125px
Available for mobile: No


I'm torn on Amateur I like the content; the action is hot, the talent is great, and it's well done. However, the amount of content is lacking, and there are just some aspects of it all that are other than advertised. If the site's producers can make some adjustments here and there, this site could shine. As is, the real selling point is access to Porn Pros, which is stuffed with lots of great content. If you're looking for real amateurs with some real extreme action, then you may want to keep looking.

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