Amazing Models Review

Review: February 3, 2016
Amazing Models

Amazing is kind of like your own virtual, softcore harem. This collection of young glamour girls features lots of tease and oodles of please. There is surprising variety as well, considering that all of the girls look to be between 18-22 years old. Members get a softcore repository of hot young babes in various forms of undress. You'll see lingerie, cute outfits, and more. What you won't see is anyone getting naked. It's almost completely non-nude here, with only glimpses of the goodies.


Overall rating7.2

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be constantly entertained by group of hot young chicks, all dressed up sexy and writhing around for you to enjoy? Well wonder no more. Amazing Models brings you that experience virtually in a large collection of content that will build your desire with softcore non-nude.

First things first; the talent. This site features 7 specific girls. There's Mila, an adorably cute and sexy blonde with girl-next-door looks; Angela, an exotic looking brunette who varies between cute and sultry; Grace, a lithe blonde babe who looks like fun; Nelly, who looks like she enjoys teasing boys with her raven-haired hotness; Jane Model, a girl with a sort of exotic mixed look and sporting short blonde locks; Emily, an artsy type hottie with an incredibly thin figure; and Diane, maybe the oldest of this group and definitely the most sexual.

What this septet of sweetness does is tease the members of this site with lots of non-nude action. Content include photos and videos. A typical scene includes one of the girls in a hot or cute outfit, with lots of posing, stretching, or the like. There are hints of nipple here and there, but not much more. You might see a few sets of a girl going topless, but that's a rarity. This site is all about walking up to the edge of naughty, and then pulling back.

Technical quality is decent in a "it gets the job done" sort of way. Video maxes out at 1080p but I wouldn't say it's high def. It's somewhat of a step between pro-am and full on high-end production. Production values are mid-range; most scenes are not much more than the girl in a studio with the camera pointed at her.

I can't speak much to navigation; my access was a test site, so I couldn't check it out in full. From what I could tell, it looks simple.

Amount of content: 158 videos/479 photosets
Update frequency: 3 times a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Video types: flv
Photo resolution: 3800 x 5700 pixels
Available for mobile: Yes


Youth, tease, and beauty are on the menu at Amazing, a decently sizable batch of content that features 7 different young girls who like to look sexy. There's nothing really explicit here, so if you need hardcore, keep looking. I like Mila and Diane a lot, and the rest are pretty good too. I wish I could tell you how the site navigates, but my experience there is limited. It looks easy. The price is decent. If non-nude tease if your thing, it might be worth a look-see.

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