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Review: May 8, 2015
Cams Creative

Cams Creative is a new spin on your standard live cam site. They feature girls who like to play up sexy little themes like romantic dinners, personal fantasies, and so on. They also have plenty of other girls in more of a Streamate environment where you browse for girls, find one and go private with them. Whatever you poison is, they have loads of hot live girls ready to help you get off. Cam to cam is also available for a personal 2-way experience.


Overall rating7.8

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Pricing is a live webcam site where you can chat live and in real time with live girls from around the world. Camming is pretty damn fun and this site puts a new spin on the whole cam idea.

Their slogan is that they have the most creative girls on cam. I like this idea. In fact, the homepage of the site shows this shtick by showing how that works. One girl is a lawyer by day, and then... poof! (literally poof!) she's in lingerie showing her tits off. I was quite curious how this played out.

According to the header, there were 852 creative cam girls online. I hope they're ready for me as I log into the easy to find login members area.. OK, well I logged on at an odd time of day in the US at about 2am and I have only a small fraction of girls online, and it says I just missed about 109 of them too, damn. But there is almost 1000 other girls on their live sex channels so that's good too. They work the same but don't usually have creative sort of themes.

I will say, the site is pleasant on the eyes. It's got this pop art kind of comic book thing going on which really enforces the mood they are going for. I do like the layout and the navigation is easy and fun.

One thing that stood out as I browsed around looking for a girl was that they have special events with pornstars. A couple of weeks from this review, members can chat for FREE with the one and only Jayden Jaymes, which is awesome.

Speaking of free, as a member you get 150 credits for signing up and every month you get 200 more just because. Basically, credits get you the action. How many credits per minute you spend with a girl depends on the model. It can be around 3-1 per minute all the way down to .20 for happy hour, so keep that in mind.

Much like other site sites, you go private with the girl you like. Depending on what you like and what her kinks and limits are, she will perform her heart out for you, naked! The action is hot and always exciting. Its super sexy fun.


CamsCreative is really fun to browse and look at. The girls are very sweet and they have loads of variety. The only thing I didn't care for was not being able to chat for free before choosing a private session. You go all in, but the plus side is the action starts right away. Keep your eyes out for half price discount codes and specials which will keep you partying without running out of free credits. If you play smart, you can have a lot of fun on very little! Check them out!

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