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Review: April 26, 2013
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Carey Riley

Pro-am porn may very well be the future of the adult industry, or at least a large part of the future. Part of the reason for that belief are sites like Carey This MILF-y blond strumpet brings a fun, intense energy to the web in this online offering. There is room to grow here, but I like what I see. The site has fun sex, tons of bonuses, and is well put together. Plus, Carey Riley is a hot MILF!


Overall rating7.5

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I have to admit to having a thing for women over 40, so I had a feeling I'd like when I saw that it was up for review. I wasn't disappointed. This latest addition to the Pornicate network of sites need some time to add content, but if the future is as good as the present, then this site is going to be a winner.

Carey is an attractive blonde MILF in what I am guessing is her early 40s. She has the look of the hot wife you might see at a PTA meeting, replete with enhanced rack and a presentation that is just this side of suburban bimbo. Yep, she has the look, and she matches that with an energetic sexual appetite that comes across very well in her photos and videos. There's not a lot here, but what's here is good. It's a mix of girl/girl, boy/girl, solo, and group, and it's obvious that Cary really gets into the action. Cary and her husband are swingers, you won't see him, but it's obvious that he appears to be behind the camera.

Navigation is pretty simple and well done. Upon logging in, members are presented with a menu and pic links that make it all very easy to find content. There are even some categories that help break it up. Technical quality is outstanding, videos are available in multiple formats, and they stream and download quickly. Resolution on both pics and videos is great. Production values are better than the typical pro-am site, although not as good as high-end professionally produced porn. That said, I had no problem with it, and thought it was all done in this regard.

As part of the Pornicate network, members get access to several other sites in this same vein, and they are all fantastic. There are other bonuses as well... a forum where Carey participates, and a live webcam (scheduled appearance, although hard to tell when).

Amount of content: 25 videos/1,000 pictures
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280 X 720
Video types: Ipod, WMV, MP4 and JPG
Photo resolution: 1225 X 816
Available for mobile: Yes


I like this site, mostly because of Carey. She really makes this a fun place to visit. This is MILF material, so if you only want teens, look elsewhere. However, if you like fun porn at any age, or specifically like MILFs, then Cary Riley is your kind of girl. The price is reasonable, there are tons of bonuses, and it's just a well-done site. For a first-timer on the web, Carey's done her homework. The only downside here is the amount of videos. Once Cary adds more, this is going to be a great site.

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