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Review: June 25, 2008, by Gabrio
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Chicks Love Chicks

Ok guys, time for a review of a hot lesbian site right now and I have chosen for ya - I like the design of the site (look at those 2 chicks at the top haha) and another good thing is that they have HD videos inside this site, in wide screen format too. So if you like to watch horny lesbian girl friends that play together then it's a good idea to read the review below!


Overall rating7.5

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Ok dear lesbian lovers, this is your place, right? The main page of the members area loaded blazing fast and the main page that opened is really nice and packed with content. At the top of the page, right below the header with the chicks (lol), you have the main links for the members area which are: Home, Bonus Sites, Bonus Movies, Premium Live Chat, Find A Sex Friend, Troubleshooting, Contact and Log Out.

When you scroll down the page, you are going to find the MOST RECENT UPDATES, and you will see that they have nice huge photo previews for each scene, and there are just 2 links for the content - really clean - one plays the movie and one lets you check out the pictures. All the scenes have high quality previews and the main page has a good amount of scenes in the end.

Yet after that you have links for the sets that can be found from the other sites of their network which you can enjoy with the very same logins of course. Then at the very bottom of the page (basically from the middle of the page to the end), you have 3346 bonus videos for a total of 1050 hours of instant watching included with this deal, they are also sorted per categories so maybe check them out later.

The design is very wide like I have said above and when it comes to the videos, you can either enjoy them in streaming or download the clips on your hdd eventually. The streaming clips come from 300 kbs up to 4200 kbs which is High Definition and same thing goes for the download links. I have checked out the highest quality videos they have in HD and they started playing quite soon however my adsl at 4 mbit suffered a bit for playing these 4200 kbs video clips. After that I checked out the same video but I tested a download link and in fact it was a 705 mb video file which explains trouble with streaming, maybe if you haver a faster one it'll be fine.

As for the photos instead, the photo sets are nice and the thumbnails are HUGE, the only thing I did not really like is the fact that the full sized images open in a new window and they don't have the .zip download either.


These lesbians from Chicks Love do it pretty well and the quality of the material is pretty high though for the high quality streams you will need a VERY fast connection! Unfortunately there are just 6 main lesbian scenes and then you have lots of other goodies and bonus sites, in particular they had a TON of bonus movies. I really liked the fact that the images are super sharp here. Have fun, enjoy!

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