Cuckold Captions Review

Review: November 26, 2014
Cuckold Captions

Welcome to a world where wives and girlfriends keep themselves satisfied and their hubbies denied! This unusual take on the cuckold genre features photos of women in various stages of sexual situations, and uses accompanying captions to highlight the cuckold theme of the photo. Some of it is hardcore, some of it is softcore, but all of it is aimed squarely at men who enjoy women who like to fuck other men while their wimpy husbands sit by and take it all in.


Overall rating6.6

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This may be the only site of its kind on the web, although I've seen non-pay versions of this theme elsewhere. It's a decidedly different take on cuckold porn, and it's actually pretty simple. What you get with membership here is access to a lot of photos of hot women (they all look like the wife type) in various poses. Some of them are full on hardcore, some are fully clothed in hot outfits, and there is a whole spectrum in between. The photos have accompanying captions that are written mostly from the woman's point of view in the photo. These captions humiliate the husband of the woman, meaning to put him down in a degrading fashion. You'll find lots of cuckold themes here, things like small penis humiliation, husband chastity, and more.

I've checked out other cuckold sites before and I kind of get the whole fetish. This version of it for me was a little hard to swallow; honestly, there are a lot of photos in here that just look like a hot woman, and then the caption just imposes a cuckold theme on it. There might be no "other man" involved in lots of cases. This made it hard for me to get.

On the other hand, the captions are well-written and creative, and it made for some interesting reading while I was checking the site out. I still had trouble getting in to the whole premise, but I can't say it's not well-done. If this is your kink, it looks like it's good content.

The site is very simple, probably too much so. There is a ton of content here, but almost no way to sort it. You have to browse almost everything. Some better nav tools would help here. The layout is basic, and it's not the prettiest site you'll ever see. Not bad, just not great. Photo quality varies wildly. Supposedly there are videos and audio captions, but I couldn't find them.

Amount of content: over 10000 captions
Update frequency: Twice a week
Exclusive content: 100% Exclusive
Max video resolution: n/a
Video types: n/a
Photo resolution: Varies
Available for mobile: No


OK wimpy husbands and boyfriends, listen up. The women at CuckoldCaptions are out to put you in your place, and these mean bitches spout some pretty hot captions. This is a fetish that I had trouble "getting" but it appears to be a good effort at the kink. There's a lot here, with frequent updates. The site needs a better user interface, and I think the price is maybe a tad high for what you get. That said, if the cuck kink is your kick, it's worth a look-see at the previews.

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