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Review: July 19, 2006, by Gabrio
Cute Caroline

Cute Caroline is the official site of Caroline, a 19 year old girl from Europe, she did some modelling a while ago and she had lots of fun with that, then she thought about creating her own website where she collects all her very own photos and videos. As far as I can see from the tour, she really looks sweet and she likes to tease the camera, so let's check out the members area and read below!


Overall rating6.5

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The main page of Caroline's site loaded really fast and at the top of the first page you have a warm welcome message for all new members. The page appears pretty simple and you have in total 7 different photo sets available. For each photo set there are 4 preview images which you can click and then you are going to get the full sized image, which has a very good quality in my opinion.

The full sized images are opening in a new window and each set has 4 images like I said above and I think that they should have put up a few more photos actually. However you do not have to worry too much since for each set you have a ZIP download option, for both hi-res and low-res pics and download speed is very good, I got more than 700 k/sec with my ADSL connection. For every set, you also have a detailed description which tells you what is going on.

Let's see in detail the 7 sets we have. In the first set she is wearing pink panties and in this one you can watch her going in front of the camera for the first time and I can tell that she was a bit nervous as well...In the second set she is wearing this sexy underwear and hot heels. The third set has been shot indoors and she is having fun with a yummy popsickle, since outdoors was too hot! Then in the fourth set you can watch Caroline having fun in the bath tub and then if you are looking for some more hot lingerie, then I suggest you to keep an eye on the 5th and 6th sets and finally the 7th sets she is playing boxing (she said that she got the inspiration by the movie she saw some time ago "million dollar baby".

At the bottom of the page she says thanks to all her members and then there is also a link which lets you get in contact with her, by using her very own personal email, so make sure to tell her something nice!


I think that Caroline really looks good however inside the members area of her site there is not a lot of material. On the other hand, the membership has a very convenient price of $15.00 non recurring, so make sure to keep that on mind when you are joining the site. The quality of her photos is good but the zip archives had some issues and I could not open them properly.

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