Dancing Bear Review

Review: June 5, 2009, by Bigbrownbeaver
Dancing Bear

This site is all bachelorette parties, nice and wild with little surprises in between the partying. The girls are hot and horny and ready to go - the behind the scenes shots are good since these are definitely amateur girls. Dancing Bear.com is an all exclusive site with five years of videos from all over of bachelorette parties. All are streaming video but the quality of the videos and photos is good.


Overall rating7

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Once inside the member area, DancingBear is easy to get around in. There are links to check out member specials, new updates, Live cams. All the movies seem to be flash driven but I have found no way to download them should you want to keep them or the photos as yet. All the photos and movies I looked at in the collections are well done, a few have fuzzy spots in them but with a live party shoot that can be expected. There is some repetitive parts in the organized parties with the male strippers but that too is expected. What makes them different is the little side shots of the girls with the strippers. The guys are all hot, and obviously know what they are doing.

It is the amateur girls that add the interesting items to these shoots. You never know what they are going to do next or to whom! Every shoot is original and exclusive to the site so you will not see them any where but here on dancingbear.com. There is a member specials area where you can get discounted memberships to other networks as well. The live cams is self explanatory. You can spend a lot of time here with the vast collection of parties that have been put up on the site and they all play well with little or no lag. Pictures can be seen in slide show form if you wish instead of just thumbs, or check out the screen caps to decide what you want to watch first. Then there is an outside link to a dating site you may find interesting as well.

The updates link will take you to the latest videos on the site if you prefer to look at the new girls and videos listed there. Prices are comparable to other sites, so it will be mostly just up to you and your tastes should you subscribe here. In short, it is an interesting site and not boring for the most part. Come check it out and you can make up your own mind.


DancingBear.com has good quality videos and pictures, five year's of bachelorette parties here for the perusing. Some repetitive qualities but the scenes with the horny girls and strippers in the back room sex are pretty good and in most of the videos. The strippers know their jobs well and get these horny college girls going good. You don't know what they will do next. The down side is I couldn't find a way to download any of the video or pictures.

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