Dirty Masseur Review

Review: August 7, 2013
Dirty Masseur

There's something very erotic about a full body massage between a man and a woman. The oil, the soft music, the lack of clothing, and of course the rubbing and massaging. When men get a massage from a woman, it often culminates in the proverbial happy ending. When a woman gets one from a man? In this case, it ends in Dirty Masseur.com. This site combines erotic massage and sex in a delighful mix, and it does so with high standards that shine.


Overall rating7.8

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Straight from the Brazzers network of sites comes DirtyMasseur.com, a well produced offering that features hot women and massage action. Seems simple, and usually, the simplest things tend to work the best.

And boy, do they here. It starts with the production network backing it. Brazzers is well known as a high quality production outfit, and that quality shines through on this site. The women here are top notch, with some major name porn stars, plus some lesser known women who are equally as hot as the big names.

The quality of the content is as good as the women. All of it features fantastic production values, and that means great lighting, camera work, editing, and the overall look of a top notch video production. The action is equally top notch, as it should be with the talent used. Most videos tend to set the massage up in expected ways; i.e. a woman on vacation, or just after a workout needing a rub down. The girl often pleasures herself a little first alone, then strips for the massage. The massage usually includes some serious oil, rubbing, and squeezing, but soon turns more hardcore. Before long the clothes are completely off and the massage has turned into a full out sexcapade. I watched quite a few videos and was not disappointed with any of them.

Technical backing is also great, with videos available in multiple formats (including mobile). Resolution is extremely crisp and clear, topping out at 1280x720. Photo clarity is also nice, maxing at 1600x1200 pixels. Everything downloads and streams like lightning, with no hiccups along the way.

Navigation at first was a little confusing, but in a kind of good way. Upon logging in, rather than being taken directly to the site, you're dumped in to the Brazzers network. It's good in that you obviously get the major bonus of Brazzers network access, but you have to work your way toward the DirtyMasseur content. Once you've got that figured out, navigation is pretty easy to figure out.

Amount of content: 93 scenes
Update frequency: Once a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720
Video types: mp4, wmv, flash, mpeg
Photo resolution: 1600x1200 pixels
Available for mobile: Videos are available for mobile


When you sign up for a Brazzers product, you know you're getting good stuff, and Dirty Masseur.com does not let you down in that regard. The formula here is pretty simple. Use hot women, put them in erotic massage situations, back it up with great production values, and top it off with with high quality technical aspects. Add in easy navigation tools, and it all adds up to a winner. Throw in the Brazzers network access, and it's bonus city. This one's a winner all the way.

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