Donny Long Review

Review: July 17, 2017, by Neil
Donny Long

Donny is the official website of this well-known male pornstar where you will find a decent number of videos (over 90 of them) featuring him nailing all sorts of sexy babes. Besides these video clips, a membership to this website will provide you with the full access to 15 additional premium porn websites. These sites are of a wide variety and they certainly expand the amount of content that the members of this website can enjoy.


Overall rating7.4

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Donny Long has been in the business for quite some time, which is why his website will definitely provide you with some rather interesting videos starring some extremely sexy babes. What you should know about this website is that there are no images whatsoever (at the time of writing of this review, there is a section titled 'Photo Sets', but it redirects you to an error page when you click on it). Nevertheless, the videos will definitely provide you with enough fapping fodder if you are into straight boy-on-girl hardcore porn. Unfortunately, they are not available for download.

Now, naturally, this website on its own would not be worth the money you have to pay for the membership. This is why you will actually get access to over 10 premium porn websites. These include the official website of Donny's wife Heather Deep, Blacks Ruin Asians, Blacks Ruin Blondes, Tight Asian Pussies, Gullible Teens, etc. As you can see, these websites dabble in various porn niches and they will definitely add a lot of content to the members of this particular site.

There are also live shows available on this website. There is a chat room which is completely free, but, there is also an option to go to Heather Deep's official website and purchase Skype credits to have a one-on-two live action featuring Donny and Heather.

While this website definitely suffers from the lack of images, as well as for the choice of its font (seriously, it is a bit off-putting), it is still easy to navigate, it has steaming hot hardcore video clips, as well as excellent extras that certainly make it worth your money. Those 10+ additional websites help its case immensely, as they provide the users of this site with a huge number of various videos and image galleries. I would say that, if you are a fan of Donny, or if you just enjoy old-fashioned hardcore porn, that you should definitely check out this website.

Amount of content: 91 videos
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Video types: flash
Photo resolution: N/A
Available for mobile: Yes


DonnyLong has over 90 videos available for streaming to its members, but what really separates this website from the rest of them is the fact that you will get the full access to 15 additional premium porn websites (with more coming in the future). This site also offers free live shows. When all is said and done, the affordable prices and all of the things that you get by becoming a member of this site make it worth your while.

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