Ebony Angel 19 Review

Review: July 13, 2017, by Neil
Ebony Angel 19

Ebony Angel 19 serves both as an official site for the model of the same name, as well as a site for several ebony models getting into the glamour part of the adult entertainment industry. While there is not that much content available on the site, mostly since it is fairly new, I still think that it might be worth your while, especially with the updates coming your way on a daily basis.


Overall rating6.6

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EbonyAngel19 is a galmour ebony model and she has decided to use her official website as a launching platform for some of the other girls. This, in turn, means that besides getting content featuring her, you will find videos and image galleries of other chicks on here as well. Truth be told, for now, I am of an opinion that you should wait a bit before becoming a member. But, I do think that you should, eventually, become one. The updates on this website are on a daily basis and you will see fresh and exciting content coming your way every single day. This is commendable, but natural since the website is fairly new.

If you do want to get your hands on the exclusive content of this website, I recommend that you go with the one-month long membership for now. Later on, the one-year long membership will definitely be a better option. This is simply due to the amount of content available on it since this site only has 12 videos and 43 galleries. Speaking of videos, they are in 720p resolution. You can view them on the site or download them without any restrictions. Same goes for the galleries.

There is nothing special when it comes to extras on this site. You have a blog, which is fun to read but which is not updated as much as it should. You also have an events calendar which will notify you about future updates (you can add these events to your Google Calendar). There is nothing else. You can always tip the website in order to help them create more content. This is nice, but, if you are already a member of the site, you should be contributing enough.

When all is said and done, I would actually wait for this site to get more content before subscribing. But, if you want to help it (since it really does create great content), you could join it now.

Amount of content: 12 videos and 43 galleries
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1570x720 (HD)
Video types: flash & mp4
Photo resolution: 1407 x 2500px
Available for mobile: Yes


Ebony Angel 19.com is both an official site of an ebony glamour model, as well as the platform for several other girls (which are new to the industry) to show off their wares. Even if it has a small amount of content, the very quality of it, as well as the fact that there are new things being added daily, could be worth the money you would pay for becoming a member of this website.

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