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Review: March 31, 2009, by Gabrio
Erotique DVD are producers of high quality DVDs and on this website you can download DVD images on your hard drive and then you burn them and finally you watch them on your TV in high definition - at least that is the plan....on the tour you can preview some promos they have and from what I understand, with the membership you have different join options depending by how many DVDs you want to purchase. If you click on the left DVD's, you can have an idea of the DVDs they have.


Overall rating7

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I was looking for the link for the members area of Erotique but I have to be honest and I could not find it....a nice thing which I did not notice before, is the fact that you can also download a sample trial DVD and they give you a full download of 779 mb. On a side note, download speed is ridiculous, in fact I was downloading at 80 k/sec, so if you want to download such a massive file, it will take you about 3 hours and a half, that is definitely too much!

Then I was trying to find the link for the members area login and I had to click on Erotique that is located on the left tabs and then you get a new page, where you have a members link there but the logins I have been given were not for that members area...hmm so I went back on the main website and searched again but I could not find any login for the members are of this very website.

If you check on the main page where you have the DVD previews, you can see the image previews and finally I found the members area login there, right under the previews, you have a button that reads "already bought the DVD? log in here" so I finally logged in the members area which looks rather small. On the left side of the screen you have 2 tabs, one reads download and the other one is the help page. So what happens, is that you have one login for each of the DVDs you have purchased, since they are selling one non-recurring membership for each DVD.

On the page that it was in front of me, I had the download link for the full DVD, it was quite large, 1.88 gb and download speed was about 305-320 k/sec. So then if you want another movie, you have to get back to the main page, go to the page where you have the preview images of this or that full DVD and do the login again, download the ISO, burn it and watch it!


I found the layout of Erotique DVD a bit odd to tell you the truth, since I could not find the link for the members area where you can download the big ISOs right away - but I had to dig a lot, finally I found out that for each of the DVDs they have, you have a separate login that takes you to the page where you have the download link for the big ISOs.

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