Facial Friends Review

Review: September 29, 2009, by Bigbrownbeaver
Facial Friends

This is a smallish site, all amateur exclusive videos made from couples all over who submit them here and get paid for them. There are quite a few videos here that have made the cut and are in the site for you to see. Currently the site has updates once a week and it hoping to increase this as the facialfriends.com gets more popular. It is obviously an amateur site, I think the web masters too are amateurs.


Overall rating6.5

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This site is definitely amateur videos. All things considered, the videos aren't bad. The site Facialfriendsis a site for your viewing other's videos and even making your own and getting paid for what you submit. It is mostly younger couples who have submitted their erotic adventures.

There isn't much to the members area and it is simple to navigate, and go to the videos with the tab on the top of the page to see them. The directions for making and submitting a video of your own to be considered for payment is here too if you are brave enough!

This is a basic site, no frills only video for you to download and enjoy. The videos I have looked at were obviously amateur, but that is the charm of this site no professionals here and it gives the site a different "feel" it is a homey feel that a pro site isn't going to give you. You will enjoy the content here just because it is the real touch you can't miss. Click on the "friends" tab and it brings you to some websites of friends to the site. These appear to be amateur too, but are well put together.

The scene settings are great and look very real, as they should since thy are shot in the homes and rooms of the participants. They are energetic in the quest to making a facial video that is saleable, and of course something they can tell their friends about. How often do you get to brag you are in a porn video and it has made the Internet?

Next check out the videos for this site in the archives. The descriptions really leave something to be desired but they are passable. There are a couple girls here who really need lessons on cock. They are trying to enjoy their little adventure on video but I think a few have some stage fright and take quite a bit of handling before they are into proper form for an all out assault in the form of a handjob or a suck off.


In conclusion, though the site is simplistic and smallish right now Facial Friends has possibilities. It has other sites to check out, and the videos are too real to be anything but amateur shots. All the participants seem to be enjoying their debut film for the Internet. Prices are a bit out of line, but once the site is filling up things should change then. But if it is realism you want, and maybe a spot to put in your own videos then come check it out.

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