Fake Hospital Review

Review: February 27, 2014
Fake Hospital

Voyeurism meets doctor fetish at Fake Hospital.com. This hardcore site has a fairly unique proposition, and it includes a sort of hidden cam aspect as well. Members here are presented with a faux hospital and doctor, who are visited by attractive young women in need of medical attention. They then get a different sort of attention, and the fireworks take off from there. There's not a lot of content here yet, but the premise is interesting. As the site grows, I can see where it will become something worth checking out.


Overall rating6.8

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The more I review adult websites, the more "out there" sorts of things I find. I wouldn't say that FakeHospital.com is too far out, but it's a different breed of content. The premise is that a "doctor" is visited in his office by a series of hot babes, each with a typical, mild health issue of some sort. A hidden cam records as the doctor interviews the patient and asks health questions. The doctor then examines the patient, eventually getting her clothes off, and I'm sure you can guess where this goes.

Of course, the doctor is fake, and so are the patients. The "hidden cam" is meant to give a sort of voyeuristic aspect to the whole thing, but of course, it's all a set up, and everyone is in on it. That said, for what it tries to do, it does a good job of. I don't know if there is a medical voyeur fetish out there, but if anyone has a fetish around a patient being banged by her doctor, this site does a nice job of presenting that.

The site's layout is decent, if unspectacular. It's easy to figure out how to get around, and the user interface is very simple. Part of the reason it's easy to navigate is that there just isn't much content yet. With only 14 videos, there's not much need for sorting tools or the like.

And that quantity is the site's main weakness. I'm always surprised when sites launch without much content to offer, and that appears to be the case here. They claim to add 2-3 a week, but the site has no dates on its content, so it's hard to tell if that's true.

The technical aspects are good, however. Videos are available in multiple formats, and resolution is crisp. It all loads, downloads, and plays quickly and with no hitches. There are also a few bonuses which add some value.

Amount of content: 14 videos
Update frequency: 2-3x/week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p HD
Video types: MOV, WMV, MP4
Photo resolution: 1028x720px
Available for mobile: Videos available for mobile


Fake Hospital may be fake, but the girls and the sexual action are real, and that's what matters at this hardcore, pseudo-voyeuristic site. I should add that it's a European site, with English subtitles. It's solid technically, and most of the site is well done. I wish the site had more content, because I kinda like what's here. I wouldn't say it's the best site I've ever seen, but the premise is interesting. Once there's more here, it'll become even more so. Until then, there are some value-add bonuses.

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