Fart Fantasy Review

Review: September 14, 2010, by Jennifer
Fart Fantasy

In this wacky fetish website called Fart Fantasy, they've got hot girls farting and passing gas in their kinky fetish videos. If you have an ass fetish, watch their assholes up close as they fart right in your face! Real girls cutting farts in jeans, spandex, cotton undies, or even on the toilet. They feed these girls a large lunch of food that make you gassy and then they let the explosions flow!


Overall rating8

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No one ever said reviewing websites was an easy job. Oftentimes we come across sites like FartFantasy.com that may seem repulsive or ridiculous to some but hey if that is your thing then more power to ya! Inside the site they've got some beautiful amateur girls who they've fed gas producing foods to so that they can watch and listen to them fart.

Right on the inside of the site they have their latest updates. And they update the site each and every day with all new farting movies. They've got chicks who stick their assholes right up into the camera and let 'em rip! They also have a wide variety of different types of farting videos that make the site more interesting. They offer girls of all different races wearing all sorts of different outfits and you can sort by these different categories or view all of the clips at once. They also have a model index if you like a certain girl and want to see all of her videos.

Every video on the site is viewable by download only. So there is no method of watching the clip right away. You must first download it to your computer and watch it off of your own hard drive. They have movies in WMV and mobile MP4 clips.

If you're the kind of person who prefers to watch your porn on TV rather than on the computer, they also sell full length DVD movies of their scenes. But a single video is the same price as a full months membership on the site, so you might as well just download the full site and watch them on your computer. If you don't want to buy a full membership to the site and would rather just pay per viewing of their clips, they also have a method of where you can purchase a single scene at a time to download to your computer.

Overall this was one really bizarre fetish site, but who am I to judge? I thought they had great material for what they were selling, pretty good navigation of the site, hot amateur girls of many different varieties, and they update with their exclusive content each and every day. It's a definite thumbs up.


You can tell what kinds of foods these girls had for lunch because inside of FartFantasy they've got so many stinky farting videos that could just cause a natural gas explosion! For those who are into this kinky fetish, they have all exclusive videos that are updated each and every day of all new amateur girls. The movies are offered as downloads only and they have both WMV and MP4 mobile file formats.

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