Futanaria Review

Review: August 7, 2012

Are you looking for something different? Something that just raised the bar in craziness? Well, at Futanaria.com, they definitely have something new. Its not shemales, its not even really lesbian, its just something you gotta see. They took a bunch of really hot girls and gave them the biggest cocks I have ever seen. Not only do these girls work their new dicks, they spray like crazy. Catch all the action in both videos and images and enjoy the show!


Overall rating7.5

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If you are craving something new or just looking to see the newest and craziest pornsite I've ever seen, then you gotta check out the site that Futanaria has built. Until this point, I had thought I had seen it all. I've seen bukkakes, gokkuns, shemales, gay action, double anal, triple penetration, anal prolapses, cum shampoo, cum omelets, hentai, pretty much everything. But this site is a first.

Lets take a dive into the world of Futanaria.com. They gathered together a ton of really hot babes. All young, all fine as hell, right? Then they slapped some gigantic penises on them all. Some are pretty average, but most are massive all the way up to bigger than my entire leg. Not only do these chicks have sex with each other with these massive bolt ons, these big dongs spray a wild amount of cum everywhere and I mean everywhere. Its like a fire hose going off!

For those who aren't familiar with this niche, the site is a play off the word "futanari" which basically translates to "dual form" in Japanese. It actually goes quite a ways back so this is technically nothing new, but its available online right here!

The members area is pretty simple. Click on girls to see all the babes lined up and access their videos and images this way if you like. I found it easier than clicking on videos since you cannot access images from there.

You have 41 hot babes with big wangs attached. They are going solo and lesbian and always having a blast. I guess it would be fun to be a girl and have a giant cock for a day. A total of about 115 videos can be downloaded in your choice of wmv and mov formats. They looks similar in quality at 720x480 and 655x480, respectively. Bitrares are around 1000-1400kb/sec. And don't forget the photo galleries. Each babe will have maybe 3-14 sets each with about 75-100 pics per set. Photos open up at around 1000x682

Amount of content: 115 videos and 100+ photo galleries
Update frequency: Unknown
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x480
Video types: wmv and mov
Photo resolution: 1000x682
Available for mobile: No


There's no doubt about it, Futanaria is definitely something different. I can see the attraction if you like the idea of girls with dicks but aren't really into the whole shemale thing. Of course, shemale lovers can really get into this too. Quality is pretty good and the prices are fair. The action is just insane and the massive ejaculations are really something. Sign up or at least just check this place out. Its really something wild.

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