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Review: June 29, 2010, by Bigbrownbeaver
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GBD Vicky

I am not real sure about this site. It is simple to navigate, but there really isn't a lot of content. The quality meaning clear crisp shots, yes it has that. The girls are lovely but they seem to not really know what they are doing on There isn't much to this site, The models are lovely but they really don't do anything to write home about, extremely softcore.


Overall rating5.8

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When you are in the member's area it is simple to get around, the streaming video works very well, loads and plays fast. You can download the videos in .WMV format, the pictures are available in .zip files. GBD is a very softcore page. If you are looking for wild hot action this will not be a site for you.

The models are lovely, flawless skin and tight bodies they seem to enjoy showing off. I didn't see any extras to speak of. You can contact her if you wish by e mail and let her know what you think of the site. Each of the video clips have an area where you can rate the clip as well. When you are looking through the photo galleries, she has some of her friends, some at home shots and other selections to download.

If you check the upcoming videos and photo sections the photos have plenty that should be coming up, but the video section was blank. There is no complaints on the way these girls look though, they are lovely. But none of them can act! It looks totally faked when you go through the photos and even worse in the videos. They could use some lessons in fellatio for starters. The guys could have been a little more active in the scenes too.

The outfits the girls have, and the props are all excellent but again, they need to at least look excited and anticipating the outcome of the outfit or the toys they are using. There really isn't much else to say, if you like your porn soft, then you will be extremely pleased with this site. It is well photographed and filmed, that part is good quality. There are watermarks on some of the content too. Being able to contact the model is a plus, as are the ability to vote for the clips.

Prices are comparable to other sites like this one. If teens are what you are looking for, check it out but for those of us who like it a little harder, I don't think this fare will whet your appetite


In conclusion, is a single site, that updates fairly often. It is very softcore and lax in its content. The quality of what is there in photos and video is excellent. The topics need to be hardened up a bit. Pricing is comparable to other similar sites. you can download the videos in .wmv and the photos in .zip files. on the girls are lovely teens so it has some redeemable quality.

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