GND Pass Review

Review: January 10, 2012, by Steve
GND Pass

GND Pass is an all access network that gives you the chance to experience 17 different exclusively shot sites, complete with brand new and exclusive models. Many of them are sites dedicated to solo models but some are dedicated to a range of babes that the network also thinks you would like. They even have a site set up to preview the next girls to get sites on their network as well!


Overall rating7.8

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Due to the large amount of sites here, it is almost impossible to tot up the amount of content here, However, looking at the update information, it seems to me as though only 2 or 3 of the sites have been updated in the last couple of months or so and most of those updates seem to be for GND Ruby. That site, in turn, seems to be the newest site on board here. The presentation can be confusing at times and it's not as easy to jump between sites as it could be, plus there wasn't as much update information as I would have liked to have seen.

There were not nearly enough video and photo options on the sites and network for my liking either. None of the galleries give you a ZIP download option, plus you only get one choice of size for each photo, and these sizes do vary. The most recent videos do offer a low and high quality .WMV download, but again the video sizes do vary as well. There are no streaming videos here.

It would seem as though does have a different set-up when it comes to its individual model sites. Rather than updating all or most of them at set periods, it does instead update just one or two new sites, and then leaves them as an archive site before moving to the next models currently being housed on Club GND. I've never seen a set-up like it before, I have to say, and I can't say it really appealed to me hugely.

It's not all minus points with the network, though, as they really have put together a very nice selection of amateur girls that could easily, in many cases, have been allowed to have put together very high quality sites. The vast majority of the content is solo nudity and masturbation, but very rarely ventures into territory ruder than that. In general, it's fine, but I couldn't help be left with the feeling that they really should be attending to much more than one or two models at a time for it to be a proper 'network'. It should just all be combined into one big site, for me.


Not really a network or an all access pass as very few of the sites on their own are worth a subscription by themselves, GND has found some very interesting and attractive new girls. Some of them, though, leave you wanting a lot more from what they have to offer here and others are just not glimpsed nearly enough at all. I think there is still potential here, and a lot of content and models, but I think the multi-site set-up muddies the waters rather.

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