Hands On Orgasms Review

Review: October 25, 2011, by ruben
Hands On Orgasms

It always amazes me how many different fetishes are explored in the porn industry. This site actually blurs the line between porn and some sort of educational documentary. The point of Hands On Orgasms is to show us just how to get a hot willing babe off with just our hands and the help of a selection of vibrating devices and magic finger skills. Your girlfriend or wife will totally approve of you checking this site out.


Overall rating7.3

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I am typing this in one window and watching a hot video of two babes helping to get one another off in the other window. One of the babes is a hot American and the other is a saucy British slut. They are both very hot in their own way. One is rocking more silicone than a plumbing supply store and the other is all natural. The nice thing is is that no matter their look, they are on display at HandsOnOrgasms for the very same reason. They both want to cum and they both want to show us how it is done.

This sexy site consists of nearly 100 raunchy videos of babes getting massaged and fingered until they cum. There is enough squirming and moaning to make each video quite enjoyable to watch. You will also get to see some hot pussy eating in a few of the scenes. The lesbian action that is shown is the best part in my opinion. Who knows better how to make a pussy explode than a fellow pussy?

Each of the movies on the site can be streamed or downloaded as .MP4 files, Windows Media files or pre-formatted for your choice of portable device. The ability to take this action to go is really a nice touch. I can see this coming in handy on a hot date. Maybe you have a girl with you that you really want to impress. Get her hot and ready and then explain that you need to clean up a bit in the rest room. While you are in there, you can break out your mobile device and quickly brush up on your skills.

There are no photos to enjoy on the site and that is a bit disappointing, but it is not a major problem. The fuck models that are showcased are covered very well by the cameramen filming the action. The cameramen even get in on most of the action to properly demonstrate their best finger fucking and clit massaging skills.

There is plenty of content to keep you happy for a while on this site. If you give it a chance you will totally learn a few new tricks.


By the the time that you finish going through the content on HandsOnOrgasms.com you should be an expert at getting a woman off. You should be ready to teach seminars. You should be able to get every woman that you fuck to come back again and again to experience your amazing skills. Buy yourself a membership to this site for at least a month. I can tell you for sure that you are investing in your education!

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