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Review: December 3, 2009, by Steve
Hog Tied

Hog Tied is an extreme bondage site where beautiful women experience the art of rope bondage and being seriously thrashed. Its models are amateurs and professional porn actresses, so you will get a mixture of girls here to see in action. The site is so specific with its content that it also uses a variety of knots and ties to truss up its models, while ball gags, blindfolds and even suspension devices are employed. This fiendish site is brought to you by the talents behind the Kink name.


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So, with 607 episodes on HogTied currently, you may want to consider handing in your work notice before you subscribe to this if you ever want to get through it all! Also, they add 2 new episodes every week on top of that. It's all extremely well presented as well with every episode here clearly dated as well as giving you information about the length of the scene, the name of the model(s) involved, and an excellent description of what happens in the scene. The user comments section are a great source of information and opinions too and far better than I had seen on any other adult site to date.

As the site has been around for over 11 years now, you will find the the content options on the older episodes vary. But on newer entries, they are numerous and impressive. Videos can be downloaded in .WMV and .MP4 (for PC and iPod/iPhone) formats in clips or full video format, and they can also be streamed on the site in low, medium and high quality versions. The highest quality videos on the site play at a high definition 1280x720px. The photo galleries all have downloadable .ZIP files with them, with the best quality photos playing at 1200x800px.

That HogTied.com is widely regarded as one of the jewels in the Kink network crown just gives you some indication of how good a site this is. It's also rare to come across an adult site that has been going for over a decade, and in that time the site has notably improved in terms of its presentation, content options and the actual quality of the content. All in all, it represents a fantastic achievement by all involved.

This is bondage and BDSM content by people who are clearly complete experts in the subjects. It's also impossible to cover everything that is covered on this site too, but there is far more to it than porn stars being tied up in ropes. But even in that region, they are tied up in a variety of ways and on a variety of objects. They are quite clearly always on the lookout for new themes in their videos, meaning that they unearth incredible range in their content despite what might seem a narrow main genre.


Hog Tied.com is truly one of the greatest fetish sites of any type that you will find. Over a decade of hard work has gone into it and it shows as you can see a notable step up in quality if you compare older videos to today's. I really don't know how they manage to keep finding original concepts to place in their scenes, but they do, and it means that this site never gets boring. If you're a bondage or BDSM fan and are without this site, then shame on you!

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