I Need a Mommy Review

Review: April 16, 2009, by Gabrio
I Need a Mommy

Do you feel the need of going back in time? It looks like with I Need a Mommy.com you can see mommies taking care of their kids and playing with all those little things they are so fun about! At the top of the page you have some trailer videos that give you an idea of what's going on so if you want to see more, keep on reading and let's find together the mommies!!!!


Overall rating5.8

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The members area of INeedaMommy.com looks very simple, a bit too much if you ask me, on the first page - that is also the only one I see in front of me, you have all the scenes with the girls dressed up in nanny clothes and at the top of the page you have a welcome message for all new members which tells you how the website works.

Yet there is also another link in red for the FREE bonus section that you can check out with your INeedAMommy membership; Finally at the bottom of the page there are some links for other bonus sections again so let's check out the main scenes now. For every scene you have a 175x131 screen capture and when you click on the image you will fire up your favorite video program, in my case windows media player popped up and wanted to download the clips right away, so they put straight links to the videos here.

On a side note, the download speed is very slow and when I say that I mean VERY slow, since I couldn't get more than 36 k/sec which was even slower than what I was having with my 56k modem 10 years ago! And with my 10 mbit connection that is a bit too low if you ask me. The videos are about 100-150mb in size but with this kind of speed it will take ages for you to download all the content if I can say my personal opinion. I tested a few other downloads since I thought it could be a minor glitch but speed was again very slow, I had about 30 k/sec this time.

The clips you have on the website are all regression session videos like they call them and they are 29 in total. The only thing I could do afterwards since the main scenes were taking ages to download was to check the bonus section.....on the page that opened you have a window with live girls from another external website and at the bottom you have other links for more external websites.


Like I said above, download speed from the members area of I Need a Mommy was very slow and the only way to have a decent speed was by using a download manager, that way I had about 105 k/sec. The videos you find in this website are regression session videos where you can see these girls doing things your mom used to do like playing and putting diapers and do cleaning. The quality of the content was average and I think they have to use a better server.

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