Idolize My Ass Review

Review: October 27, 2009, by Steve
Idolize My Ass

Idolize My Ass is a site that describes itself as the only truly good site out there for ass eating and ass smothering action. Some quite amazing looking ladies know that their juicy asses are too much for some guys to be able to resist, and they know that they can have their assholes licked clean by these saps. They can really take advantage of these men though by getting to sit on these guys' faces and dominating them with their fine behinds.


Overall rating6

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IdolizeMyAss contained 16 videos and 9 photo galleries when I reviewed the site, with an update schedule that sees a new video added at least every week. No hints were given about how often they add new photo galleries though. The site is nicely designed and quite well laid out, but having so many videos on one index page with such large preview images and 10 videos at once waiting to stream makes it slow in places and did cause me one or two browser crashes. But there was some good information on the site despite a photo section rather lacking in some description.

The image galleries on the site are not available in .ZIP file downloads and I noticed that there wasn't a general photo size throughout although they were normally quite high quality. The videos were available to download or stream on the site with .MP4 and .WMV formats supported. The best quality videos play at 720x480px but you will have to make do with full file videos as I did not see any smaller clip versions. is an ass worship site that contains a number of guys who really do worship these asses. And who can blame them? Having clapped eyes on some of these ladies and their shapely butts, I could start idolizing them myself! This is a pretty new site from the Urge Alliance group of new sites that would account for its relatively small size but they always serve up their own exclusively shot and kinky content, and usually find new models as well.

The action normally proceeds the same way on every episode. The girl starts off with some nice nudity and posing, usually concentrated on showing off that ass before the guy gets to work kissing and licking it, and then we have some smothering. It is all well performed and really well shot as well as they capture everything that they should be capturing. It is all really well done but I just wonder if there could be more of a domination feel to the actual content as they do tend to jump from one thing to another without much of a link.


Idolize My is a nice-looking new site - impressively designed and well shot, it does have a real touch of class to it. The navigation and presentation isn't flawless by any means but it backs up some really well shot content that looks very professional. The action itself is good but I think they could definitely improve slightly with some more domination and set-ups linking together the changes of direction in the scenes.

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