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Review: June 15, 2010, by Steve
JAV Model

JAV Model is a site that, since its launch way back in 2001, has turned itself into one of the largest collection of genuine Japanese porn videos online. They look to bring you the most popular titles and the most popular AV idols out there, covering many different genres and niches of action along the way. All of the videos can be downloaded and kept, and these are full-length films too!


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There are currently 402 models on this site, together contributing to a total of over 1600 videos in total. The site can update as many as 20 times every week, so they are always busy! In terms of how easy it was to get around this site, I didn't really have any problems. Each video comes with decent technical information, they are all categorised quite easily, and let you know which performers are in each. Update information was good too (but still difficult to keep track of as they update so much!) but I think some description of the videos would have been very useful indeed.

This would help you choose which videos to download as download speeds can be very long indeed. The main reason behind this is because they don't allow the downloading of shorter clips or scenes, so downloads can be very long. Nonetheless, videos can be downloaded in lo and high resolution .WMV formats, with the higher quality versions normally playing at 720x400px. There is also Flash streaming on most new videos, but older videos don't have this facility.

In all honesty, this download business is something that I think they have to address immediately - especially so as many of these videos are roughly around the 2 hour mark in length. At least there was no download limit here but JAVModel.com has some work to do here. It doesn't have nearly so much work to do in terms of the actual videos they have on board here - in fact, they have no work to do at all! This really is a pretty impressive collection of titles and performers.

If you are not all that au fait with Japanese porn then I think this would serve as a great introduction as they touch on many of the traditional Japanese porn themes at length here. But unfortunately it will also introduce you to the main bugbear of mine when it comes to Japanese porn - pubic blurring on the women. Not all videos contain this but I would have to say that many of them do. Most of us fans of the country's porn have gotten over it by now though, so it's water off a duck's back.


JAV Model.com may trip over notably when it comes to its download speeds and options, and there is the expected censorship of the naughty bits of many of the ladies, but this is a well put together site. The collection is extensive but possibly doesn't cover many performers or titles that you haven't seen before, and their update rate is quite amazing, really. Well worth a look but get your sleeping bags out for those downloads!

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