Joey Silvera Review

Review: January 27, 2011, by Steve
Joey Silvera

Joey Silvera is a multiple award winning porn director and this is a site brought to you courtesy of the Evil Angel label that brings you some of his very best work! He was also an award winning performer a good number of years back, but on this site you will get to sample his outstanding mixture of hardcore, femdom, extreme and transsexual porn. When it comes to directing hardcore porn across many niches, few do it better than him!


Overall rating8.8

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I think in terms of navigation and presentation, this site was pretty good. There isn't a whole wealth of update information or anything (all episodes are dated but there is no preview news) but all of the scenes come with some pretty good descriptions. I think that the categories are also very useful considering that this is a site that does cover a lot of genres with its content as it allows you to find similar videos very easily. The models' index is very good indeed and thankfully, considering this is a network, it only covers this site rather than the whole network.

Recently the site has started adding high definition downloads to a few of its videos, these playing at 1280x720px. However, for the most part the site does not offer HD on most of its videos, instead offering a couple of different size options on both its Flash streaming videos and .WMV downloads. If they are not available in HD, they will normally play at 720x400px. The screenshots are usually sized in 1280x850px at their highest size (no ZIP downloads). There are 330 scenes in total, but the site's updates are unpredictable.

Trying to tie to one particular genre is practically impossible - but if you are already acquainted with him and maybe even a fan, you would know this already! One of a few porn directors who can genuinely flourish across several quite different genres, he has a portfolio of movies behind him that fully justifies the 18 major industry awards that he has won to date, and it is covered very well here.

There isn't much of the tranny content that he has won many of those awards for, unfortunately, but the strapon fucking and strapon lesbian action is VERY well covered and very good too. That ends up tying in to the femdom action you see quite a lot of running through his work too. It really is a very good collection of content, really well shot and performed by a bevy of outstanding porn stars and adult models. Really impressive stuff, and a site that really does excel on all levels.


Joey really is a great site that really does very impressively give a great account of an outstanding director's work. The updates might be slightly unpredictable, but there is a great collection here that covers most of his specialist areas, plus the access you are given to the rest of the Evil Angel network is outstanding and makes for added value. A really excellent site that demands your attention now!

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