Ladyboy Gloryhole Review

Review: July 3, 2012, by Steve
Ladyboy Gloryhole

Ladyboy Gloryhole is a shemale twist on the gloryhole and anonymous sex / blowjob genre, where some very sexy and well hung ladyboys have some with a hole in the wall! Taking the cocks of unseen guys deep in their asses and giving them a hard blowjob, all the while putting their own stiff cocks on display and giving them a pleasuring as well. What these ladyboys can't see can definitely fuck them!


Overall rating6.3

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The navigation on is, to put it kindly, a complete mess. The main members' area page contains no sign of a link to the complete collection of content for this specific site but instead has links to content from other sites in the network. Several links take you back to the free tour and / or log you out. There are almost no dates with any of the galleries or videos, meaning the update information is impossible to find. To cap it all off, they cram everything on to one huge members' area page, including news about what they are doing with the sites. It really was very, very hard work to get around this site.

The content options were better than I expected them to be, though, even though there were not that many of them. The galleries were available for ZIP download and most of the photos were sized at 1600x1065px. The videos were available to be streamed and downloaded in Flash Player and .WMV formats, and they played at a high definition 1280x720px. Download speeds were unpredictable and there were no DRM restrictions on any of the videos.

You see, the problem that this site creates for itself is that due to its impossible navigation, it actually looks as though you are not getting a specialist ladyboy gloryhole site and that you are actually getting a general ladyboy site instead. What a shame that this is the case because when you actually find some of the gloryhole content, you discover what an excellent site this could have been.

The content is indeed excellent. I have never seen a ladyboy site of this niche before and it is certainly really well done to say the least. They have also collected up some of the very best looking shemales that you are likely to encounter and their scenes are really well shot and performed, with lots of big cumshots and big anonymous cocks. So, the basic elements are here and in place for what should have been a fairly original and really enjoyable hardcore shemale site. But it is its own worst enemy.


As a general ladyboy site, Ladyboy is very good. Lots of very sexy shemales, some great hardcore action, a nice variety of themes, and all very well shot. But as a gloryhole site it never really gets started because either the presentation is so inept that you end up missing most of the relevant content, or it's actually just a front for an all-round ladyboy site. A missed opportunity of the highest order on that front.

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