Leia Loves You Review

Review: April 28, 2006, by Gabrio
Leia Loves You

Leia is a 19 years hottie and she loves to get naked in front of the camera! Why don't you take the free tour and see her sexy round ass and nice body? I am sure that you will like what you are about to see....she updates the site regularly and the content you are going to find inside is exclusive for her site only! So what are you waiting for? Read below the full review!


Overall rating6.8

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I just logged inside the members area of Leia and it looks like there are many cool sections to browse, at the top, right under the header (as usual) there is the navigation and we have these links: Pictures, Videos, Forum, Chat Room, Wallpapers, Girl Friends, Archives, Store and Home. Then there is a long message (looks like it has been taken from her diary) where she tells you what happened in her life recently, at the left of the screen there is a list of the Recent Updates and you can easily jump to any photo gallery, then you have the links for contacting her either via email or yahoo! messenger and then there is the schedule of the upcoming chats, still at the left of the screen there are the Latest Zip Sets and a few other links for friend sites.

I checked out the first section of her site which is Pictures, overall there are 5 pages and the photos are available at a very good screen resolution of 1504x1000, at the left of the screen there is a small preview image for each set while at the center of the page there is a brief description which tells you what's going on in that set and finally at the right there is a red link "view" which takes you to the actual photo gallery. The photo galleries have a nice layout and they loaded up very fast as well, when it comes to the full sized images, they look good and at the top of the page there is a navigation which lets you move back and forward with ease.

Next I clicked Videos and the layout of the page is similar to the photos' page, the clips are in .wmv format which means that they are good both for streaming or for downloading on your hard disk and watching them later. During the videos you can see Leia playing with the camera and posing for the photo shoots as well.

Then I checked out her wallpapers page and you have there 6 nice wallpapers if you want to always have Leia with you when you turn on your computer ;-) Other cool sections are her chat room and the Girl Friends page.


Leia is yet another sexy teen but in the end it's always cool to see a fresh new face, don't you think so? The quality of her photo galleries is very nice and I think that she has a good variety of content there. Browsing the site is easy and the navigation at the top lets you quickly jump from one section to the other....make sure to check out the girl friends photo galleries and then if you want to ask a custom request, check out her forum!

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