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Review: January 21, 2015
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Malina May

Malina May is a cute young blonde babe with an impressive set of of big tits. In this solo girl site, she brings her ponderous boobs and sweet playful attitude to her members in a mostly softcore offering. There's not a lot here, and I'd say this probably fits a need for kinder, gentler porn fans. However, if cute young girls with huge tits are your thing, Malina May might just fit the bill.


Overall rating6.2

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Malina is the home page of Malina May. She's a 20-something Polish chick that is cute and attractive, although not in any special way, with one exception; she has big tits. Her site is part of a larger network of sites that mostly focuses on big boobs, and she fits in to the network quite well.

As a boob man myself, I can appreciate this kind of content, to a degree. Malina is a blonde babe with something akin to Polish girl-next-door looks. Yeah, she's got the big tits, but her body is attractive in a curvy, voluptuous way; and her face is both cute and pretty and hot. Overall, I like this girl's looks.

The tits help, and as I said, I'm a boob man. However, I'm also a hardcore fan, and that's where this site and I kind of split. The content here is mostly softcore. There is some light girl-girl that approaches hardcore (one strap-on scene, for example), but most of it is Malina in various softcore scenes. You'll see lots of posing, stripping, solo play, etc. As far as this kind of softcore goes, it's pretty good. There are scenes of Malina and her big-booked girlfriends in public, teasing, for example. You'll see her playing topless air hockey, and eating ice cream in public while scantily dressed, and more. It's playful and fun. I'm not a fan of this kind of thing, but softcore fans might like it.

The site itself is decently put together. When you log in, you're dumped in to the larger network, and have to find your way to Malina's site. This is easy, and once there, all the content is presented on one page. This makes for a simple user interface, but also points up the paucity of content.

Once you find a scene you like, viewing options are nicely presented. Resolution is mid-level on most of it, but everything loads/plays quickly.

Amount of content: 30 videos/30 photosets
Update frequency: No information available
Exclusive content: It appears to be exclusive
Max video resolution: No information available
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1,536px x 1,024px
Available for mobile: Yes


For a walk on the mild side (but fun), you may want to saunter over to This big-boobed blonde babe brings a positive je ne sais quoi to her solo-girl site, if you like softcore. If hardcore is a must, look elsewhere. I don't think Malina's site alone is worth the price of admission, but the network is huge and adds serious value. Join for that, and enjoy Malina as a side dish. One note-There is no English spoken here (but there are subtitles in some videos). Cautious thumb up.

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