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Review: May 16, 2011, by diegocarbon
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Meet my Sweet

Your parents are always telling you they want to meet that sweet young girl you're dating so they can get to know her. Well these parents all have an ulterior motive. What they really want to do is fuck her behind your back. Meet My is full of older couples having their way with much younger tight teen ladies after they send their son out on an “errand”. Expect to find a lot of girl on girl and other sexy three way action in this series filmed in a decent reality format.


Overall rating6.8

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Navigation through the site is very accessible and intuitive to use. Everything can be found on the top navigation bar. The design is very graphic heavy but looks clean and inviting. The search function works well with all the normal search items such as hair color but get too specific and nothing.

Content for is very high quality with great production values. There is solid directing for the actors and they do not seem to stumble over any of the dialogue and the scenes flow fluidly. There is a catch however, the website is all written and designed in English, but all of the scenes are in German(I think). So if you only know English the dialogue will be hard to follow. The premise is fully described in the write ups so you won't be totally lost. The action though is universally understood and once they start getting down to business the dialogue stops and it is all moaning and groaning.

The teen girls are very hot and inviting and put on superior performances. The older couples are a mix, some are hot older fit couples, while others could very well be your next door neighbors whose crack always is hanging out when they do yard work. If you can get past the language barrier the scenes are very arousing and also fun.

Currently there are 10 videos in the series, and the site receives an update every week so that number will continue to grow. With your membership you also gain access to two other network sites rage story, and my brother's girlfriend. These extra sites do use some of the same talent. Each of those has roughly the same amount of content in the series and update just as frequently. There is a good deal of bonus videos not associated with the series that cover various niche from big tits to anal to a doctor's office setting that helps fill out the site.

There are some good choices for content delivery. Each scene can be streamed at full 1080p with no other options for faster streaming. Below the flash player are your download options: WMV HD 1920x1080 6000kbs, WMV big 768x432 3000kbs; DIVX mp4 768x432 3000kbs, Mobile mp4 480x270; Finally high resolution photos 1024x683px available as a zip file.

Quick Note: Trials are limited to one full scene per trial ($1 per scene essentially).


The action is hot and heavy and run very well within the reality niche. The stories are great and are actually followed. Even being in German you can still catch what is going on and the sex scenes are steamy and creative. If you enjoy the fantasy of a teen being tricked into three ways with older couples then it's definitely worth a peek and the trials are priced right to see if you like what's inside. One request would be for scenes to be broken into smaller sections to download.

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