Milky Babes Review

Review: October 13, 2015, by Steve
Milky Babes

Milky Babes is a site where the ladies are not really interested in drinking milk. They are far more interested in pouring it all down their naked bodies, and some of them will quite often follow that up with a second course of cream or some other messy food stuff! This wet and messy fetish site features exclusive content and also features some gorgeous ladies who will need a good showering afterwards!


Overall rating6.9

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This is a reasonably well presented site although it does let itself down on a couple of fronts. The lack of any kind of descriptive information about the videos and galleries here means you will go in to all of the sets blind - mind you, you should be knowing what you will be getting in them considering the theme of the site! The model index was pretty good though and the update information was pretty good.

The photo galleries on the site are all available for ZIP download but the photos are only available to view in one size, even if that size is very healthy indeed! The videos here are all available for streaming and downloading, and for the most part the download speeds seemed to be pretty good. Additionally, none of them are restricted by DRM issues and you do get at least three different download options on each video.

So, it's been a couple of years since has seen any updates and it's unlikely we'll see any more, which is a shame. I guess there's an argument to be had that since this is a site that concentrates on a very specific fetish that more videos and galleries of the same would result in repetition. But nobody complains about that on a hardcore site, so why would that be an issue here?!

The collection is, as a result, disappointingly small. It's not disappointing in its quality, however, which is very high. It does indeed keep things as simplistic as you might think in terms of what happens in the shoots. The girls tip cream and milk on themselves, roll around for a bit, and that's about it really. If you're looking for simple WAM action then you really won't get much simpler than this!

Amount of content: 27 videos and 27 photo sets
Update frequency: No updates since March 2013 - site no longer updated
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px (HD)
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 2000x1500px
Available for mobile: Yes


Milky is a site that is interested in doing nothing more than providing wet and messy fetishists with a very simple selection of content that should satisfy them easily. It is a shame that they are not providing anything new these days, but what they have here is of an excellent standard. They could, perhaps, have drummed up a few bonuses to make it better value for money, but it's a nice enough selection for dedicated followers.

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