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Review: June 23, 2011, by daniels

Amateur porn is a staple of peoples' fantasies. They are just having sex and letting people watch them engage in their activities. MinnieandMary.com is here to help you appreciate some cute lesbian and amateur porn whenever you are ready for them. This synopsis should help you finalize a decision into whether or not you want to spend your hard earned dollars and watch all the hot, sizzling action on their website.

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Their tour page immediately opens up a trailer video embedded in flash on the site, and gives you a few full-sized preview pictures and video trailers for you to navigate your way through prior to making a financial decision in buying a membership. The site is simple to navigate on the tour page, and the women are topless so you can see their cute breasts immediately upon entering. Members' login isn't hard to find either, so you can quickly get to the good stuff afterwards.

Once you buy membership and login, the membership page has a simple layout for easy navigation and browse photos and videos at ease. There is also some theme in regards to the main benefactor of the site, where he takes his own personal sessions with the two main stars, Minnie and Mary. Videos exist on the website, and are approximately 35 in total. Clicking any video file leads you to a page where you can either stream or download the videos, and the resolutions are 352x288 for the small WMV format, and 704x396 for the large WMV file.

Pictures are available for those looking around for them. Over 120 different photo galleries exist on this website, meaning anyone in need of lots of pictures is right where they need to be. If you want a picture, you just go ahead and click on the preview image, taking you to the gallery index for further perusing and downloading higher-res images. The resolutions are all different, but some can be between 600x400 and 431x1109 in pixel size. Zip files are also available, so you can save yourself the hassle of getting each picture one at a time.

Updates are several times a month, although there's no real way to tell because there are no dates on the galleries or videos. AStreaming videos have been added recently, also each video can be saved and downloaded before playing. Bonus sites might exist, but we weren't sure, as they aren't linked anywhere in the members area. This can get frustrating for those who are waiting for updates and don't want to manually type in a URL and get a separate login prompt.


They are hot, they are sexy, and they have friend who want to show off their cute website. At MinnieandMary.com, you will get lots of cute lesbian action at your fingertips. Videos, photos, and easy navigation all make this a plus, although uncertain updates aren't a quality this site can attest to having. You should be able to agree in buying a membership if you love cute lesbian amateurs and possible bonus sites.

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