My Bang Van Review

Review: January 19, 2011, by ruben
My Bang Van

Right from the get go you you know that what you are going to get at My Bang Van. This is some of the nastiest bottom of the barrel trailer trash porn currently on the Internet. That is the whole point. This site is all about sluts that are picked up on the side of the road and conned pretty easily into eating dick and getting ravaged by hillbillies and nerds. Do this for the dirty!


Overall rating5.5

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Imagine that you were sitting at home one night with your fucked up group of friends that always have terrible ideas and you all start talking about porn. Everyone knows about Bang Bus and millions of dudes wack to it every day. When someone in the room suggests it, you realize that you still have access to that piece of shit RV that your Grandma gave you. That is when the plan takes shape.

So, the whole lot of you heads out on the open road to do some damage, fuck some raw pussy and take advantage of willing waitresses and jobless babes all over The United States. You run into babes with names like Cherry, Holly and Gia and you con them into fucking in Grandma's RV for a few minutes. These chicks are not all that hot in a model sort of way but some are cute. Some are fat. Some are scary. They all can suck cock and most will open any hole whether it is lubed up or not to get ripped the fuck open.

The videos on MyBangVan are not dated, but so far they have piled up 26 of them for us to check out. Nothing is fancy. Not a single one streams. There are no photos. This is old-fashioned 90's download and cum into a Kleenex porn. Each video is broken down into four pieces of a big Windows Media puzzle.

The navigation on MyBangvan is clean and simple mostly because there is just not a ton of content to get through. That also made it easy to locate a featured portal called Crazy Fetish Pass that you also get what they call bonus access into. I actually liked this collection of crazy shit more than the site that I came to review in the first place.

Crazy Fetish Pass is exactly what it says that it is. You will see flexible babes, ladies in latex, schoolgirls and some super hot and ready to get slammed amateur ass. There is not any hardcore action wrapped up in this collection but you get plenty of that when you hop back in My Bang Van.


The best part of this site is that it is raw and dirty. Quality is not the key here. This is all fun and hardcore. My Bang offers a solid collection of nasty action but for the price, the collection should be much bigger. This is a site for the viewers out there that want to see sex at its rawest level. Body juices are swapped, holes are opened and screams are heard. Enjoy it.

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