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Review: June 1, 2011, by daniels
NDN Girls

NDN Girls.com is an amazing site full of Native American girls who will suck, fuck, do anything they can to be on this site. Very Rarely can you find a Native American girl doing porn. It is definitely frown upon in their culture but now you can see them all here. These girls are so hot, and the thought of it being so rare makes it even more sexy! Inside you will find that all of these hotties are all real, all Canadian, and all naked!


Overall rating4.3

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When you log onto the members only area, you will find that NDNGirls.com is actually a little bit of a pain to navigate. At the top of the page they have the latest updates, but no dates. So we don't know exactly when the last update was which is a disappointment since for all we know they haven't updated in a few months or even years. The doesn't seem to be very many girls on this site which is also a disappointment.

There seems to be only about 17 videos on this site. The quality of each video is very good. Each video is shown in 720p HD resolution. The videos are unfortunately not streamed to your desktop. Instead, if you want to watch one of the videos, you will have to download the video to your computer before you can watch it. The problem with this is the fact that it takes a long time to download the scene. If you download the whole video this takes so much more time. Your hard on will most likely go limp by the time you can watch the video. With the video quality being so good, I guess you can say that is it worth waiting to see the scene.

There is a button on the top of the page that is supposed to link you to all of the girls on the site but when you click it you find that you are taken to a page that seems to be just a gallery of photos of just one of the girls. She is hot but I was expecting to get to see more girls and a lot more pictures.

When you click on the bonus section you will find that you don't really get any bonuses. All you get is about 4 bonus videos that really don't seem to have anything to do with native American girls. The only thing that seems to be working properly on this site is the blog section. Even that tells you 'This site is a complete waste of your time'. Pretty interesting when you have that written on your own site.


All in all, NDN Girls has some high quality HD video, but not very many of them. I don't know how he expects you to pay for a membership and not have the content that it seems like it should have. The members area should be set up in a much easier way as well. If this 'Shimmey' character expects to make any money, he should create and maintain a better site. I say, save your money and hopefully there will one day be a better Native American Porn site.

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