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Review: September 28, 2011, by Steve

Nina Hartley is one of the porn industry's most enduring performers and stars. She has been a porn actress since 1984, and over the last 27 years she has appeared in over 800 porn movies as well as making numerous mainstream appearances. This is her new official site and you can find here some of her sexiest galleries and videos of the most recent years as she is now widely renowned as the industry's top mature star!

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Overall rating7.5

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There are 34 videos (these come with screenshot galleries as well) and 16 photo galleries on this site, and there are two updates per week - one on the galleries and one on the videos. If you have seen any of the Premium sites you will know how the members' area works and how it looks but if not you should find this a pretty easy site to get around. The update information is quite decent and the descriptions of the videos and galleries are pretty good as well. Access to the bonus sites is largely pretty simple but some more information about live shows would have been welcome.

For some reason, unlike on all Premium Pass sites that I have seen to date, there are no .WMV downloads on the videos here. There are instead only .MP4 downloads here and these play at 720x480px, or 320x240px if you opt for the mobile versions. There are also Flash streaming versions that you can watch instead. The screenshots are also sized at 720x480px, whilst the photo galleries come with a ZIP download option with these photos sized at 1500x1000px.

It's fantastic to see Nina Hartley still powering along with her adult career. I'm not sure why many stars who start in the industry young don't look to build a career on a second wind as a mature star like her - although I suspect it has something to do with them not wanting people to see their looks maturing. Clearly not a problem for Nina and this, her newest official site, reflects that by only featuring more recent content.

I can only presume that the content here has been taken from a particular DVD series, though, because all of the videos are of the same theme and that is of Nina instructing either a female friend or the viewers in how to do a sexual act. It makes for a slightly strange collection in some ways - I personally think unless they are going to theme the site along these lines that this could be a mistake as the lack of variety is there for all to see, as is the lack of hardcore content. It's something of a curious start for this site.


It's difficult, really, to know what to make of On the one hand, it IS Nina Hartley and therefore worthy of immediate investigation. Then again, you also have the fact that the content is all of the same ilk and there is no hardcore action which makes the collection lack variety. It is all very strange, really - then again, the large selection of bonus sites makes it more palatable!

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