Obedient Asians Review

Review: May 14, 2007, by Gabrio
Obedient Asians

It was quite a good time I didn't write a review for an asian site and as you probably know, the best feature of an asian gal is that they are very tight or at least that is what people keep saying about them and they must be right since I've heard that several times so far. By what I see on the tour of ObedientAsians.com there are a bunch of asian chicks with cock in their hands and not only and they seem busy too!


Overall rating6.3

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The link for the members area for Obedient Asians is at the top of the page and despite the fact that there is a javascript error on the page, everything seems to work pretty well and when I was on the logon page, I also noticed that they had several screen shots of Bonus Sites located under the login form so in the end you are most likely going to have lots of fun with them too! When you enter the members area of the site you are taken to the main page of AnalUrges.com (yes I know this is not the site you paid for!) and you just need to use the drop down menu for moving to Obedient Asians.com's content, the sites are sorted alphabetically so it's really easy in the end.

Within a few seconds the main page of that site loaded and in the end it just changed content, in fact for all the bonus sites, the page stays the same basically and it's just the content that changes. Near the drop down menu you have: Movies, Photos, Bonus Feeds, DVD Archive, Customer Support and Find A Date, then under the header you have: Featured Vids, Bonus Feeds, Bonus Vids, Image Galleries, Live Cams, Sex Shop, Free Sites and then you have a small drop down menu which lets you jump from page to page where you have the main asian video clips.

Each scene has clips available in 2 formats: .mpg and .wmv and depending by the one you choose, you will have more or less videos, as far as I can see there are lots of blow job clips or the thing is that they probably put the first frames of every video and as you know, all clips start with some oral action, right? I mean think about it lol... The quality of the videos was not that good in my opinion, the best videos they had there was a scene with the hot Kianna (maybe you already know her) although that clip was fun to watch because her partner was looking like a 14 years old kid ah ah!!

Other than that you also have a selection of Image Galleries with asian girls and they put some random photos there.


The design of Obedient Asians is very simple and in the end it's easy to find what you are looking for. Like I have said above, the quality wasn't superb though they have asian sex videos so they deliver what they promised in the tour, download speed was very fast and some of the photo galleries were looking hot as well. I don't know why they called the site 'Obedient' because in the end in every porn site the girls are always doing what the men wants.

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