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Review: April 22, 2010, by Steve

Peeing Games is a site where there are lots of people who want to relieve themselves - and I don't just mean of their sexual frustrations either! They want to relieve themselves in a rather more urinal manner too! Before, during and after fucking, this lot like to take a nice and relaxing piss - preferably all over each other. Many people like to take a shower after sex, but the showers are very much golden here!

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Overall rating6.5

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There is a well presented and suitably pee-drenched free tour awaiting you on but the members' area didn't prove to be quite as bright and cheerful. It shares a members' area with the rest of its network and to be honest I found it rather intrusive at times. Remembering that you're clicking on links for a network rather than a single site becomes rather annoying after a while and they should have separated the two far more clearly than they do here. Having said that, there was some really good update information on this site and there were also some impressive drop-down menus too.

All videos on the site were available for low, medium and high quality downloading in .WMV format, and also came with one Microsoft Silverlight streaming option too. The downloads also gave you the option of full video or clips. The best quality videos on the site played at 720x576px. All image galleries were available for .ZIP file downloads with all photos equipped with small (798x1200px) and large (1330x2000px) sizes. There are 27 episodes on the site right now, with updates made every week.

I don't know, why can't these people use a toilet like everyone else? Well, because it probably wouldn't make for a very good porn site, that's why! And this really is quite a good little site from the Pack Of Porn network of sites. All of the action has been exclusively shot by this website and features models that I haven't really encountered before on the whole. I guess mainstream and more well known models wouldn't really be happy being pissed on and pissing on others! The girls are all European, for the record.

The action doesn't pull any punches and you don't see anyone wincing from what they are getting involved in here! This is full-blown watersports action and there is lots of piss drinking and the like here. Personally, I think it's disgraceful that they haven't put down more plastic sheets - those carpets and couches are going to be ruined after this show! Really enjoyable content though from a nice little network.


Peeing is a good little peeing and hardcore site but until it's had a full year of those weekly updates, it will be nothing more than that. But as long as the action continues to be as good as it is here and they keep recruiting babes as committed to this type of content, then this will definitely become one of the better peeing sites on the market. Hygiene freaks need not apply though!

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