Pregnant Wishes Review

Review: January 29, 2007, by Gabrio
Pregnant Wishes

Have you ever thought that a pregnant girl could be sexy? I think that this is what you are going to think when you will see in fact inside the members area of this site you are going to find hot pregnant girls having sex! I realize that this might be a bit of a strange fetish, but maybe you can even discover a new niche you like so check it out.


Overall rating7

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Let's see what is going on here....right after you login to the members area of the site, you will find a nice long page with pink scroll bars which reminds me about the colors of the tour which is a good thing in the the right corner of the page there is a sentence which sounds like their motto or something like that and I think that it gives the site a more personal touch actually. Still at the top of the page you have the menu with the following links: Home, News, Updates, Pictures, Movies, Stories, FAQ and Bonus, then there is a message for their internal messaging system.

At the left of the screen there are the Latest News while at the right there is a section which lets you cast your vote for their site survey and in this case they are asking if you are satisfied with the site but I am going to say that after checking it actually ;-) A little below that you have Picture Of The Day, Movie Of The Day, Pictures Updates, Movies Updates, Top Pictures, Top Videos, and Top Viewed Sets as well.

Now I have decided to check out some sets and they loaded pretty quick on my page, each set has a nice quality thumbnail which gives you an idea about the set in question. When it comes to the very full sized photos, they look good and they open in a new window, which is something I find annoying in the end but okay, everything worked cool. At the top of each full sized photos you have a menu for going back or forward throughout the set. There is also the .zip download option which is located in the upper left corner of the page.

Next I checked out the Movies and I am not sure why but for certain movies you have the direct download links on the main page whilst some others have them located on the next page which opens afterwards and there is a fair number of clips with these preggo whores.


What can I say, the pregnant niche is not my favorite but this site looks good and in the end you might even discover that you have this fetish as well! (don't be afraid, you never know hehe). I think that for some people it will be a bit crazy to check out the content so be sure to know what you are going to see. Finally make sure to check out the Bonus stuff as well for having some extra fun!

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