Puuko Review

Review: February 23, 2015, reviewer Steve
Puuko is a hentai porn and hardcore anime site that features some of the most lunatic cartoons that you've ever seen! Going to show that Japanese animation isn't all Pokemon and Studio Ghibli, this site features the very most depraved drawings and animations ever conceived in a selection of movies, DVDs, galleries and cartoon strips that have come from some extremely warped imaginations. They are certainly sure to get yours racing too!

The navigation and user interface here were certainly of a reasonably good standard. I guess they could have categorised and tagged the content in better detail, but on the whole things navigated well here. The indexes were clear and helpful, although there didn't seem to be any difference between the movies and DVDs indexes. Odd! There's no update information here currently but accessing the rest of the network proved to be very easy indeed.

The videos here did come with some pretty harsh download speeds at times as there are some lengthy videos to download here. I didn't see any downloads that were any higher quality than 720x480px but all were available to be streamed as well. From what I saw the galleries and cartoon strips were all available for ZIP downloading, which was especially helpful on the latter case.

I would imagine that most of you have at least a vague idea of what to expect from a site such as Puuko.com, but nothing really prepares you for the first time you see hentai porn! Certainly this site would be a baptism of fire if this is your first proper look at this kind of thing because there are some REALLY hardcore and quite frankly insane scenes here, even by the standards of hardcore hentai as a whole.

Much of the interest lay, for me, in the movies here. I've never much been in to comic strips and still animation anyway, so that's probably just personal preference, but even I would admit that there was some great stuff amongst the still content that you get here. Interesting to note that this site belongs to All Japanese Pass, a network that is otherwise completely dedicated to live action porn. You won't find any hentai bonuses but it is a great, great network.

Amount of content: 147 videos (including screenshot sets) and 612 photo sets
Update frequency: No information on site - update schedule unknown, site seems to be updated fairly regularly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x480px
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1077x1517px
Available for mobile: No


Puuko.com is a site that is a pretty good hentai collection mainly as it touches on quite a lot of different genres and niches with its content. I personally would prefer to see more movies and the lack of update information does leave you in limbo slightly, perhaps additionally so because the excellent attached network does not have any other hentai sites. But this is still a strong offering with some eye-opening content to say the least!
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