Real Mom Exposed Review

Review: November 13, 2013
If you've ever wondered what the MILF-y looking woman next door is like between the sheets, then let me tell you a little bit about Real Moms Exposed. This hardcore site features amateur women who just happen to also be those moms that you've been wondering about. You're going to see them fucking, sucking, and doing just about everything else you can think of, in all of their mature glory. When this site says "Real Moms," you can believe it. Oh, and yep, they're exposed too!

I was pretty excited to review Real The splash page looks great, with a lot of pictures of hot mom-looking babes. There were a few in particular that I was really hoping to check out in my review.

Then I logged in to the site and realized that it's kind of bait and switch. The women are mostly good, so I don't want to give any sort of impression that there's no talent here. However, it's always an annoyance to me when a site advertises one thing and presents another. That's the case here, as the women on the splash page are nowhere to be found on the actual site.

All that aside, what we have here is a site that features what appears to be actual amateur moms in hardcore action. I'm not sure where they source their videos, but these do appear to be the genuine item. That's both good and bad. The good lies in the part of the site where the women are hot, and there are quite a lot of hot babes there. However, the talent spectrum is wide on this site, and on the other end of it lies some women that are fairly pedestrian.

The action also spans a broad spectrum. When it's good, it's pretty damn hot. Some of these moms really know their way around a penis. On the other end of the spectrum is some stuff that most people would find ho-hum and not too exciting.

I like the site's organization and layout. There's a fairly simple user interface, and the content is easy to sort and search. A few more sorting options might be nice, but what's here is good. The site also has good technical aspects as well. Videos are available in several formats, and everything I checked out downloaded or streamed really quickly. Resolution was good, if not outstanding.

Membership also provides some nice bonus content. There's a large collection of videos, plus network access, all a nice bonus.

Amount of content: 386 videos/240 photosets
Update frequency: 3x/week
Exclusive content: Uncertain
Max video resolution: Unknown
Video types: flash, mp4, M4V, wmv
Photo resolution: 1,500x1,125px
Available for mobile: Yes


False advertising aside, I was happy with what's at What you're getting here is a collection of amateur videos featuring mature moms in mostly hardcore scenes. The talent and action are all over the place, but there's a good amount of content here, so there's enough good to balance out the not-so-good. The site is nicely organized, and has decent technical backing. The bonuses really add value here. I'm 50-50 on whether I like this site a lot. There's low-cost preview. Check that out before buying.
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