Ruth Blackwell Review

Review: April 21, 2008, by Gabrio
Ruth Blackwell

Ruth Blackwell seems to be an angel but what does she do? She takes innocent girls off the street and she converts them into black cock sluts like she is! So what you can expect to find inside the members area of this site is lots of interracial fucking action with new girls that just want to get banged far as I can see from the tour these girls are really naughty so what are you waiting for? Lets see what's inside.


Overall rating7

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Aren't you curious to see how many girls she will convert into black cock lovers? I have to tell you that I am a bit curious so let's take a look, I couldn't find the login button from the main page of the tour therefore I had to get back to the main page (main entrance page) and I found a white link there "MEMBERS ENTER HERE" so watch out for that one....when you first login to the site you will reach a page with a black background and you will see SPECIAL OFFER FOR MEMBERS ONLY and they present 6 sites there which are basically their bonus sites however keep in mind that for those sites you will have just ONE free day and then you need to get a regular $29.99 membership (actually it automatically renews so be careful).

In order to get to the main area of the site you have to click "continue to" and within a few moments you will have in front of you the main page of the site (you have again the bonus sites there) and I can see that there are 5 pages in total when it comes to the main contents of the site, for each scene you have 4 preview images and it seems that they have made quite a good job in fact there is a detailed description of what's going on together with links for mid band movies, broad band movies and full length movies as well, yet there are also pictures available: vid caps, hi-rez pics and 4-panel pics.

All the scenes feature 2 chicks and they also have some pretty hot fetish clothes there like fishnets, high heels hmmm all those juicy things we all love to see in the movies (but always remember that your girl will never dress and wear those shoes so don't ask if you don't want to have a fight hehe, just kidding!). The hi-rez photo galleries have a nice layout and thumbnails are pretty large (actually larger than most of the sites) and the full sized photos are good, sharp and resolution is fine overall.


Inside Ruth there are in total 5 pages and each page has 6 scenes which makes a grand total of 30 scenes so I would say that this is average however the content looks good and the download speed is fine too and I liked the fact that for every scene you have also a detailed description of what's going on so in the end they added a personal touch to every scene and Ruth makes her mission and converts all the chicks to black cock lovers..."once you go never go back!".

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