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Review: May 4, 2011, by Steve
Score Videos

Score Videos is a huge site that is a collection of videos that have been shot under the labels of the various websites and print publications released by the Score Group. If you don't know them, they are mostly renowned for their busty models and natural big breasted babes in various types of content and fetishes, but there are also hot teens, cute amateurs and sexy matures to enjoy too! This site will give you the chance to see all this and more!


Overall rating8.3

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There are currently over 2100 videos in total available here, with a new video added practically every day. Strangely, some of these videos are not videos - they are photo galleries but not advertised as such on the site. The members' area here opts to organise its content by the name of the publication or site that particular video would normally be associated with, so its divided into plain old Score as well as Leg Sex, Voluptous, Boob Cruise, Neighbors, 18 Eighteen, Bootylicious and 40 Something. It works okay with each video coming with information about the performing models, whilst there is a full site model index and all episodes are clearly dated from when they were added to the site. Simple but it works fine.

The videos on are now available to stream only, I'm afraid. More recent videos are adding the option to stream the videos in a HD size of 1280x720px, but the vast majority play at 720x480px. As mentioned, for some reason the odd gallery has sneaked in here but these galleries are not available for ZIP download.

It is a real shame that this site no longer offers video downloads, but I believe it's a recent decision to offer streaming only. They are not the first site and, in a web landscape increasingly filled with tube sites, they won't be the last. What I don't quite get is why some of the videos here are galleries! I don't mind galleries, I just would like to know which is which! This issues unfortunately cloud what really is a great site when it is boiled down to the basics of content and models.

The Score section of the site is the largest and covers their trademark busty content. Recent models include the wonderful Dors Feline, by the way. Aside from this site and Voluptuous though, you generally only get about video a month in the other sections, which is a real shame. But still, there are bags of quality offerings to be had here as you would expect from this label, but I'm quite sure some people will struggle to get over the lack of downloads.


Obviously, if you are someone who is not satisfied by a site that only offers video streaming, Score might well be a write-off. You would be missing out especially on big tit and voluptuous model content that is amongst the best that you will see on any site around, and some of the very hottest models in these categories that you could ask to see. It's a tough decision - but one that you won't regret if you don't care about downloads.

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