She Muscle Gym Review

Review: March 1, 2010, by Bigbrownbeaver
She Muscle Gym

This site is an original and exclusive. It is definitely different and caters to a niche of body building women and fitness trainers. They have a small area for fetishes as well ( with the body builders) It is easy to get around as everything has its own label so you can see which categories you like the best. High quality video and photos that are as sharp and defined as the bodybuilders themselves.


Overall rating7.3

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Well defined and muscled up, these babes show it all off on this one of a kind and exclusive site. is definitely an interesting stop in your surfing time. The photos and videos are all high quality and sharp enough to see the rippling lines of muscle on these babes! There are fitness trainers by the dozen here showing their tight bodies and the muscle girls, all bulked up and hard bodied. Check out the shine on those glutes!

This site shows a whole new light on the erotic side of the competitions when these gals flex and take it all off to show their well developed bodies. Lots of girls in all colors, blonds, brunettes, redheads all here showing off their well muscled bodies. Once you are in the all new member's area you have access to the models either by name or division fitness coaches or bodybuilders, photos or videos, and a special fetish section too.

In the bonus section there are sites, streaming DVDs, live cams and a dating network for you too. There is even a section with performer 'toons in the web cam area. Erotic hard bodied lovelies, a selection of streaming DVDs and plenty of XXX porn here for you to check out. Pricing is average, but if this is your niche, definitely affordable. In checking out the member's area there is a section with the most popular ladies that you can check out from there just click on a name for their photos and videos.

This is a nice site by itself even though it has the bonuses. I think you will spend lots of time checking out these hot hard bodies as they do their thing and show off their bulging thighs and more. Looking at these bulging babes all slicked up in oil for competition is definitely an erotic experience. Don't forget to check out the fetish section for your favorite well muscled body part. You will definitely enjoy this erotic athletic fun. This is a good way to ward off boredom on a rainy day or if you are ass deep in snow and don't want to shovel!


In conclusion: is an easily navigated one of a kind site with exclusive photos and videos you won't see on other sites. Loads of well muscled ladies with bulging calves and thighs waiting to show you what they have hiding under those string bikinis they wear. Slick and shiny skin rippling over bulging muscles. Something any sports fan would like to check out. Membership is affordable, so come check it out.

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