Speed Hotties Review

Review: February 16, 2010, by ruben
Speed Hotties

This is it. This is man heaven. I am thinking that somewhere in the heavens our great creator is looking down on this site and smiling at what he has created. Shiny chrome, dark window tinting and throbbing audio systems have been combined at Speed Hotties with perky young tits, tight asses and hundreds of ripe little pussies ready to be looked at and ridden faster than the cars that they model with. This is the good shit on the top shelf.


Overall rating8.8

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SpeedHotties opens up with a bang and just sort of keeps banging away. Right on the tour page is a music video by rapper, Acafool that features a model from this killer sex site and really sets the tone for the site well. Expensive custom cars are a key feature in this video and on this site. Acafool is not very well known to the masses but he is damn good at what he does here and popular on the car show circuit.

But hey, we are not here to talk about this rapper. We are here to talk about the ladies, right? The ladies on this site are sizzling hot and all 20 of the current featured models look ready to get bent over any one of these sexy rides. You know that they can all work a hard stick shift without a problem. You won't find any sex on this site but who knows, maybe one day that will happen. If so, a ton of auto-detailing supplies might be needed.
You know, a nasty car wash would be hot to see here! Take notes site designers!

You will have access to over 1,500 slick high-res photos at SpeedHotties and the quality is damn near flawless. I would have liked to see some .zip files, but had to settle for the Flash-based slideshow instead. If video gets you off, you might be disappointed a bit the fact that only 10 videos are featured at Speed Hotties. They do however feature great music and the site designers even make sure that we know how to get more information on the band playing the soundtrack. The videos can be streamed in high-resolution or downloaded as .MPG files.

Another sweet feature of the site is that you can really get to know the models in a way. For example, one of sexiest models on the site is named Karla. She is a Honduran hottie with massive tits and a gorgeous shaved little pie. Because her bio is posted I also know how to access her private MySpace profile, what her measurements are and that she likes to get wasted on Grey Goose and Red Bull while playing with monkeys.


SpeedHotties.com is all about babes, boobs and bodacious rides. There is no headboard banging happening here. There are no claw marks left on the leather after nasty fuck sessions in the backseats of the featured rides. You are buying into Speed Hotties because you appreciate fine ladies and fine cars. The updates seem a bit off schedule but they are consistently taking place on an average of about once per week.

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