Svenska Slampor Review

Review: February 26, 2009, by Gabrio
Svenska Slampor

Svenska is a website devoted to sex from Sweden and to be honest I was never thinking that these blonde girls were so naughty if you know what I mean! The website is all in swedish but this doesn't mean that we can't enjoy its contents, right? From what I can see these girls are normal regular girls in their everydays life but wild foxes in bed, let's see what it's hidden inside the members area now!!


Overall rating7

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The price of the monthly membership is a bit too high so we are going to check out if $39.95 is worthy for this website actually, let's go ahead, in order to enter the members area protected zone you have to click on MEDLEMS SEKTION and then once you have typed in your username and password along with the security word, then you will be inside the members area and a few clicks away from these naughty swedish girls! At the top of the page you have the links for browsing the main sections, which are: H'rdporr bilder Lesbiska bilder Solo bilder so in the first one you have hardcore photos, in the second one you have lesbians and in the third one you have solo galleries - then there is also a bonus section and a link for contacting who mantains the website.

Even though the site is in swedish is pretty easy to figure out these things... on the main page they present some of the hottest scenes they have and I checked right away the hardcore ones by clicking on H�rdporr bilder which sounds like "hardcore archive I guess". One of the best hardcore galleries they had was "Tr�dg�rdsm�staren" where you have 2 girls having fun with one guy outdoors, in the gallery you have a pretty good set with hot photos. Next I moved to the solo photos page and these blondes are really lovely, you can choose whether you want to open the content in the same page or in a new window, eventually.

There are 7 pages in total and one of the girls I strongly recommend you, even though she is not blonde, is Jasmin, she was a wild brunette with gorgeous looks and I am pretty damn sure that you will love her! Then I checked out Bonus hemsidor and in that page you have lots of screen shots for the bonus stuff they give you for free as a member of this website....all you need to do is to click any of those links and then in a short while you will be taken to the main pages of these websites :)


Even though this website SvenskaSlampor is in swedish, it's quite easy to move around and if you like blondes, then you will enjoy its sexy contents, in my opinion their best section is the H�rdporr bilder however on a side note, I have to say that I could only find photo galleries there, finally make sure to check out also the Bonus section with the other websites...have fun, see you around!

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