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Review: August 8, 2007, by Gabrio
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Swallow My Squirt

If I tell you this name "Cytherea" - does it ring a bell? It definitely should since she is the top squirting girl on the planet, didn't you know that? You definitely need to get a fix if so! On this site you will see lots of squirting hardcore action with Cytherea and other hotties! Can't wait for knowing what's inside the members area? Read the full review below....


Overall rating7.5

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Ok dear squirters, you really want to know how fucking hot Cytherea looks right? Well then you came to the right place, nothing to say about it! This site is part of the Pornstar Network that is a huge place where you have a load of content and in fact when you click the Members Login button you will see the first page of this great network and let me just say that it looks great since you have a HUGE amount of stuff there, ranging from Bonus Sites, to Studio listings, to hardcore DVDs and hot models, they also have some sexy solo girl sites and I can tell you to check out Busty Christy right away, what a hottie!!

In order to reach the main page of Swallow My Squirt, it's pretty easy in fact you have a link which reads "Continue To Swallow My Squirt" and then within a few moments you will see the main page of the hot squirters (yes yes Cytherea is right around the corner guys...I know you want her hehe) - at the top of the page you have these 4 main links which are: Home, Videos, Friends and Support and at the right of the screen you also have a members survey where they ask what you like the most about the site.

I could not resist and I checked out the Videos that are available on the site and to tell you the truth I can't wait to rub one as well...for each scene you have 2 big preview images along with 6 smaller screen shots and in the scenes you see the girls having fun with themselves and then squirting like TRUE FOUNTAINS, in some cases they are also doing some hardcore action, blowing a fat cock and stuff like that.

When it comes to the grand total, there are 4 pages and in each page you have 5 scenes so there is a grand total of 20 scenes that is not much but regardless of that, they are super hot and like I knew, the scene with Cytherea was the best, that girl is a true whore and she squirts like crazy!! The video was avaialble in .wmv at 700 kbs and .mpg at 650kbs and you also have an overall high quality .wmv file - screen shots with .zip available too.


Like I have said above, with this site you get access to a super cool network of sites though you came here to see the squirers right? So this is the thing, you have just 20 scenes but their quality is very high, nothing more, nothing less. Browsing the site is easy and download speed was pretty fine, around 400 k/sec that is a fairly good speed. All the scenes have a description available too and quality is pretty high.

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