Taco Pie Review

Review: March 27, 2009, by Gabrio
Taco Pie

Latin girls are known for being always very warm and with gorgeous curvy bodies...it looks like TacoPie's girls are just like that maybe with the extra fact that they are more horny, well, I can say that we should take a closer look at the members area in order to find that out now. For sure you will enjoy the trailer videos from the main page of the tour but let's keep on reading the more details.


Overall rating6.8

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When I was about to click the link for the members area of Taco Pie.com, I told myself that I wanted some tacos tonite for dinner, that logo got me hungry heheh, anyway, if you are reading this review is not because you were in need of some new recipes but because you want to know the facts about this website, so let's keep going.

For entering the members area I used the link that is at the absolute top of the page and within a few moments I was inside. The design of the page reminds me about a mexican place I have been a few years back, you know you have the typical yellow and green...at the top of the page you have the classic menu with these links: Home, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Bonus Content, Live Cams and Support and then at the center of the page you have the links for downloading photos and videos which are the main sections of the website.

At the left of the page you have 3 other extra sections which are Hot Of The Press where you have the newest weekly add-ons, then you have Top Photo Shoots and finally a link for Bonus Content. If you scroll down the page a little bit you will find other links that take you around other sections such as misc links and stuff like that and there is also a drop down menu for the bonus sites that you have from this network with this membership.

Then I moved to the main sections of this website which are photos and videos, first I was browsing photos...on each page you will find 12 image galleries and for each of these you have an image which gives you an idea of what's going on there. If you click the links for these galleries, then you get the thumbnails as usual and you can eventually choose the size of them between small, medium and large. The photos do not have this great quality if you ask me. After checking out the photos, I moved to the videos galleries, we pretty much have the same layout with the difference that the files are movie clips. In total we have 34 videos and they are all hardcore, with black guys as well. In terms of movie files we have mov and wmv clips and quality was not so high.


I was thinking to find more content from TacoPie when it comes to the videos, since we only have about 30 clips to choose from; when it comes to the photos instead the collection is very rich in fact I found 134 galleries here. The quality of the videos was fine @ 1500kbit and with a screen resolution of 640x480. Browsing this website was easy and after you are done with the main latin girls, you can always take a look at the bonus sites which are included with this membership.

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